Mastiff Puppies For Sale

Looking for a gentle giant in a dog? You might just want to take a look at the Mastiff, a big old breed that makes a great family pet. When sizing up Mastiff puppies for sale, here's what you need keep in mind.

  • Mastiffs are big dogs measuring nearly three feet tall and weighing between 140 and 220 pounds.
  • Given their size, this breed has a shorter life span with most living 8 to 10 years. 
  • Although the dog looks big and aggressive, it tends to be very laid back. 
  • Although not particularly playful, they are attentative and careful with kids so they make good family pets. 
  • Mastiffs have a short coat of hair, but still shed heavily. Regular brushing can keep things under control.
  • This dog was bred to be a guard dog, so it tends to bark at strangers and be tentative around new people and animals. 
  • This breed does not need a lot of exercise. A short walk is enough to keep it happy. Given its love of napping, this makes a good apartment dog despite the size of the pup. 

The following video can give you a more complete profile of the Mastiff. We have Mastiff puppies listed for sale below as well.

Barney AKC
5 months old
North Canton, OH, US
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