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There are plenty of places you can find puppies for sale, but how do you know if they are purebred and raised by ethical, responsible dog breeders? At Animaroo.com, we take the guess work out of the process for you. To identify quality breeders, we have created a 5 Star Breeder Program. In this program, we thoroughly review every dog breeder to make sure they meet certain requirements including the mandatory use of veternarians, a guarantee of each puppies health, references from past clients, and a clear refund policy if there are problems with the puppies you find on Animaroo.com.

If you aren’t sure which puppies are the best match for you, we have good news, We've provided a puppy match app at the top of this page to help you identify the best match for your lifestyle. To use the app, simply indicate your activity level, the size of dog you prefer, whether you have kids and click "view results" to receive custom matches.

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Of course, it is still vital that you educate yourself on the different breeds and their characteristics. Puppies are so cute that it is easy to fall in love with them at a first glance and regret it a year or two later when you are living in a two bedroom condo with a giant Great Dane! To avoid this, we've put together an education center you can access on the menu above. Here, you can learn more about the various types of puppies on the site and the characteristics you can expect when they grow up into adults.

We also offer a blog dedicated to a wide variety of topics. By accessing it on the menu at the top of the site, you can get specific advice for conditions your puppies might experience, humorous stories, training advice and funny videos.

At Animaroo.com, our goal is to provide you with the best pure bred puppies for sale online. If you have any questions about our site, the dog breeders listed or any other issues, do not hesitate to contact us.

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