Akita Breed Information

The Akita is a unique breed people tend to either love or really dislike. As the following Akita breed information details, this pup is very loyal to its owner, but can be territorial and aggressive towards other dogs. 

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Early History

The Akita breed comes to us from the Akita perfecture of the country, thus the name of the dog line. The dog was bred initially as a fighter. It was owned by Imperial Emperors and nobility as a status symbol. The dog was eventually converted more into a hunting and working dog, but remained incredibly popular in Japan. 

Modern History

In more modern times, the Akita has really become the dog of Japan. It was designated a national treasure in the 1930s and is now regarded a symbol of good luck and health. People who are ill often receive statutes of Akitas as get well wishes from friends. 

Physical Features

The Akita falls into the medium to large sized dog category. It has a broad head, small eyes and erect ears. It also has a large, full and curled tail, as well as a thick, muscular neck and strong, powerful shoulders. A striking feature is the thick coat of the Akitas which are either snow white, brindle or pinto.


Like its ancestral counterpart, the Akita is known for bravery and that makes it an ideal guard dog. Despite its aggressive nature, it bonds tightly to its owners. This makes it wary and aggressive towards strangers or other animals.

Akitas are also intelligent and quick learners. This makes them perfect candidates for early training and socialization efforts, which can make a major difference in how they act as adults. 

Akita grooming and health care

For a start, an Akita's fur coat must be brushed daily. This' breed sheds it's coat twice a year and trimming the coat, during shedding, is advised.

The Akita is a moderately, active dog and to stay healthy and happy, it will need regular exercise. A daily walk with the dog will help.

Is the Akita for everyone? No. The dog retains much of its historical instinct and its tendencies are not nearly as watered down as one tends to see with other domesticated dogs. Having said this, the Akita will bond tightly to you and be a loyal companion for its entire life. You could say worse things about a dog!

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