American Eskimo Dog Breed Information

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The American Eskimo Dog or Eskie has a life expectancy of 13 to 15 years.


Although the name may imply differently, the American Eskimo Dog did not originate from the Eskimo culture. The American Eskimo Dog was developed in Germany during the middle part of the 19th century for the purpose of working on the farm.  The breed descends from European Spitz-type dogs including the Keeshond, German Spitz and Volpino Italiano.

German immigrants brought the American Eskimo Dog with them as they settled in America. The dog was first known as the American Spitz and was often seen performing tricks in the circus. In 1917, the American Spitz became the American Eskimo Dog, although the reasons behind the name change have never fully been understood.


The American Eskimo Dog can be categorized as Standard, Miniature or Toy depending on their size. The Standard American Eskimo Dog weighs as much as 30 pounds and measures 15 to 19 inches while the Miniature American Eskimo Dog weighs as much as 20 pounds and measures 12 to 15 inches and the Toy American Eskimo Dog weighs as much as 10 pounds and measures 9 to 12 inches.

Grooming Needs

The American Eskimo Dog has a thick, white double coat. The American Eskimo Dog sheds year round and fully blows their coat twice a year. They should be brushed twice a week and more frequently during their heavy shedding seasons. American Eskimo Dogs also need to be brushed before bathing to prevent any matting. American Eskimo Dogs tend to stay fairly clean and have dry skin; therefore they should only be bathed as necessary.   


The American Eskimo Dog is rambunctious and cheerful.


The American Eskimo Dog has boundless enthusiasm and is a devoted playmate. The American Eskimo Dog especially adores children and although they can be rowdy, the American Eskimo Dog is patient and gentle with their young friends.

The American Eskimo Dog is also highly curious and likes to be involved with all their family’s activities. They want to be as close to their family as possible. American Eskimo Dogs grow deeply attached and are loyal protectors. They are generally friendly, but tend to be wary of new people.

Training Needs

The American Eskimo Dog is highly intelligent and trainable. The American Eskimo Dog is eager to please their handler and will pick up commands and tricks quickly. Once they have the basics down, American Eskimo Dogs can go on to participate in advanced obedience, agility and conformation.

As part of their training, the American Eskimo Dog also needs early socialization. This breed is naturally suspicious of strangers and needs exposure to lots of people to help them learn the difference between welcome and unwelcome guests.

Activity Level

The American Eskimo Dog is energetic and easily bored. They should have a daily walk and are athletic enough to be jogging or hiking partners. American Eskimo Dogs should also be given regular time outside to run around and play. American Eskimo Dogs like to use their minds as well as their bodies and will enjoy playing fetch and other games.

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