American Foxhound Breed Information

To the horses, old chum! The following American Foxhound breed information details the key facts surrounding this dog breed beyond the rather obvious ability to chase foxes. Prefer a simpler way to identify the best dog for your family and living situation? Visit our puppies for sale page to use our free "Find Your Best Friend" App to identify your perfect match.


The American Foxhound has a life expectancy of 11 to 13 years.


The American Foxhound descended from hounds first brought to America around 1650. Hounds from England were bred with hounds from France then given to George Washington as a gift. Washington is credited with establishing the first breeding program for the American Foxhound.

Originally, the American Foxhound was developed to be a quick, athletic hound that could locate, chase and kill fox. Today, they are still seen hunting fox, but are also used as competitive field trial hounds, trail hounds and pack hounds.  


The American Foxhound weighs 60 to 70 pounds and measures 21 to 25 inches.

Grooming Needs

The American Foxhound has a close, hard coat and sheds lightly. The American Foxhound should be brushed weekly and bathed occasionally. Like all dogs, the American Foxhound also needs basic grooming. Brush their teeth, clean their ears and trim their nails on a regular basis.  


The American Foxhound is a natural hunter and devoted worker.


The American Foxhound is a hard working dog and when on the job, is extremely determined, bold and intense. The American Foxhound is not a typical house pet, but can make a wonderful companion. They are quite easygoing and sweet in the home.

The American Foxhound is a talented and skilled hunter, but a very ineffective watchdog. This breed is highly pack-oriented and gets along well with pretty much everyone, including new people and other dogs. They thrive on interaction and should never be left to live alone. American Foxhounds are especially good with children and can be quite gentle with them.

Training Needs

The American Foxhound has a stubborn, independent streak and requires lots of patience and consistency to train. The American Foxhound responds best to a firm, but kind leader and positive reinforcement.

Activity Level

The American Foxhound loves to run and thrives on activity. Without regular exercise, the American Foxhound can act out and become destructive. They need a long daily walk or jog in addition to regular time outside to run around and play. American Foxhounds are not suited to apartment living and do best when given a large open area for exercising.

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