American Water Spaniel Breed Information

A brown, furry Poodle? No, as the following American Water Spaniel breed information reveals, there is no Poodle in this pup despite the appearance.

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The American Water Spaniel has a life expectancy of 13 to 15 years,


The American Water Spaniel hails from the Fox and Wolf River valleys of Wisconsin. Developed in the mid-1800s, the American Water Spaniel was used to hunt waterfowl in the Great Lakes region. Although no one knows for certain, the American Water Spaniel’s ancestry is thought to include some combination of the Curly Coated Retriever, Field Spaniel, extinct English Water Spaniel, Irish Water Spaniel and Chesapeake Bay Retriever.


The American Water Spaniel weighs 25 to 45 pounds and measures 15 to 18 inches.

Grooming Needs

The American Water Spaniel has a wavy to curly double coat. The American Water Spaniel sheds lightly most of the year, then more heavily with the change of seasons in the spring and fall. The American Water Spaniel should be brushed twice a week and bathed occasionally. Their coat can be trimmed or kept natural.

Like all dogs, the American Water Spaniel also needs basic grooming. Brush their teeth, clean their ears and trim their nails on a regular basis.  


The American Water Spaniel is happy and obedient.


The American Water Spaniel is a skilled hunting partner and versatile enough to work in the water or the field. The American Water Spaniel is also a wonderful companion and truly loves being part of their family.

The American Water Spaniel thrives on attention from people, especially their family. They are cheerful, outgoing and friendly. American Water Spaniels can be aloof with new people, but warm up once they get to know them. Some American Water Spaniels are trained to be therapy dogs as they are overall quite calm and patient.

Training Needs

The American Water Spaniel responds well to training as long as they have a firm, but gentle leader. This breed is intelligent and eager to please, but tends to want to be dominant. The American Water Spaniel needs clear boundaries and direction. They tend to get bored easily and do best with short, varied training sessions.  

Activity Level

The American Water Spaniel is a highly active hunting dog that thrives on exercise. The American Water Spaniel needs regular, vigorous exercise or they can act out and become destructive. They particularly love to swim and should always have a long daily walk in addition to regular time outside to run around and play games of fetch. 

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