Australian Kelpie Dog Breed Information

Considering addinga Kelpie to your brood? The following Australian Kelpie breed information gives you an overview of this breed.  Not sure if the Kelpie is the best breed for you? Visit our puppies for sale page to use our free "Find Your Best Friend" App to find out.


The Australian Kelpie has a life expectancy of 10 to 14 years.


The Australian Kelpie emerged in Australia around 1870 and is believed to have descended from the British working collie. The Australian Kelpie was created to be a working dog capable of managing harsh terrain as well as rowdy Merino sheep.


The Australian Kelpie weighs 26 to 45 pounds and measures 17 to 23 inches.

Grooming Needs

The Australian Kelpie has a short, hard double coat and only sheds moderately. The Australian Kelpie just needs to be brushed weekly and bathed occasionally. Like all dogs, the Australian Kelpie also needs basic grooming. Brush their teeth, clean their ears and trim their nails on a regular basis.  


The Australian Kelpie is adaptable and active.


The Australian Kelpie was bred to be a tireless working dog and is still very much a determined go-getter today. However, the Australian Kelpie is versatile and can make a devoted worker, loving family companion or talented show dog.

While an energetic worker, the Australian Kelpie is calm and affectionate when at home with their family. The Australian Kelpie is enthusiastic and fun-loving, and can make a great playmate for children, especially when raised with them. The Australian Kelpie thrives on time with their family and loves being included in their activities. The Australian Kelpie bonds deeply with their loved ones and wants to be near them at all times.

Training Needs

The Australian Kelpie is quite intelligent and easily trained, but bores easily. The Australian Kelpie was bred to be a problem solver and thrives when given tasks that require them to use their mind and their body. They need lots of variety in their training as well as plenty of positive reinforcement. Once trained in the basics, Australian Kelpies can go on to do quite well in agility and conformation.

Activity Level

The Australian Kelpie likes to work and is not a couch potato; however this breed does not need excessive amounts of exercise. If not a working dog, the Australian Kelpie should have a long daily walk and regular time outside in a secure area to run around and play. Given their busy minds, Australian Kelpies especially enjoy games of fetch and Frisbee, and chasing balls around.

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