Bearded Collie Breed Information and Facts

Considering getting a Bearded Collie? Makes sure you know the characteristics of the breed. We've put together the following Bearded Collie breed information and facts to create a profile of this dog so you have the critical information necessary to make a decision.

There are a lot of working dogs out there in the world. Most of them are herding dogs, and that holds true for the Bearded Collie. This is a dog that use to be used by only Scottish Shepherds, but now this is mostly just a companion dog. In fact, most of them are only bred for dog shows now. This is a dog that makes a great companion dog. They are super sweet and super fun to be around. Most of the time these dogs do not get too big, usually about 20 inches tall and 40 pounds. This dog gets along with pretty much everyone, and that is why people love this dog for family life. They do need a lot of exercise, however, and that is because they are the working breed. The Bearded Collie for sale and Bearded Collie puppies for sale are dogs that cost a lot. That is just because they are purebred dogs. These dogs can be found almost all over the place now, but as said before, can cost a lot of money. Of course, they do not cost anymore than what normal purebred dogs would cost, and that is a good thing for the people who want these dogs.

Most of the time when you hear about Bearded Collie dogs, you hear about them herding sheep and cattle. This is something that they are very good at doing. The long coats of these dogs help them to stand up to just about any kind of condition that you can think of. Even the harshest of conditions prove to be no match for these dogs. This working breed has become less commonly used in the last few decades. In fact, the breed was going to just die out as other dogs started to take their spots. However, thanks to just a few shepherds who keep using this breed, they kept them alive and well, and they are starting to become very popular today. As they made their way to the United States they were not used for herding anymore. Mostly they were just used as a family pet. However, this is not a problem either, because they do this job pretty well also.

The Bearded Collie dog is a dog that is a joy to have in your life. This is a dog that gets along great with kids and loves to play with them. This may be a working dog, but it's a working dog that loves to play. Thus, in the end, you are left with a great family dog that will keep your kids busy for hours on end. This dog does get along with other dogs if they are raised around other dogs. Otherwise, it is going to take a lot of dog training to get these dogs to accept other dogs. They can be kind of protective, and that comes from being a herding dog. They can keep their flocks protected, and that is what is really important. So if you want a dog that is going to really be a joy to work with, then this is the dog for you. It is going to keep your family happy and you happy for a long time to come.

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