Boxerdoodle Breed Information and Facts

The Boxerdoodle is a cross between the Boxer and the Poodle. It is one of the many designer dogs that have become popular in the United States. It is not hard to see why, as the crossbreed has a sweet expression that can melt anyone’s heart! Though healthier than its ancestors, the Boxerdoodle is still rather prone to hip dysplasia, epilepsy and allergies. Athletic and energetic, the Boxerdoodle is a great family pet that does better in a house with a yard or in the country. Let's take a closer look at the Boxerdoodle breed information and facts you need to know when evaluating this dog.
As with other crossbreeds, the Boxerdoodle may have any combination of characters seen in its purebred ancestors. The Boxer, which originated in Germany, is a strong and athletic breed. Though kind-hearted, it is known to be rather distrustful of strangers.  The Poodle is known to be a skillful breed, and is also one of the most intelligent dogs. It is sensitive and needs plenty of attention, though. The Boxerdoodle is a combination of these traits.
Like other poodle crossbreeds, the Boxerdoodle’s size varies greatly. The weight ranges from 12 to 70 pounds, and the height could be anywhere between 10 to 25 inches. Make sure to consult with your breeder to get an exact feel for how big the pups in the litter you are looking at will become. 
Grooming Needs
The Boxerdoodle has low to no shedding. The coat can be curly, wavy, or even short and thick. Recommended brushing frequency depends on the coat type, but generally the dog needs to be brush at least two times per week. Bathe the dog only when necessary and use a mild shampoo to keep the skin healthy. Keep in mind that the Boxerdoodle’s skin is prone to problems, so be gentle and groom it responsibly. 
The Boxerdoodle is loyal and affectionate. It likes spending time with the family and requires medium to high levels of attention. The puppy is naturally cheerful and actually has facial expressions that show as much! The dog is known to be emotionally sensitive, so it does not react well to negative commands and yelling.
Though moderately patient, the Boxerdoodle does not do too well with kids that are still very young. It is not aggressive towards them, but it loves to play and that can lead to problems.
The pup is great with children who are a little older and have learned to treat dogs well. Sensitive, slightly territorial and attention-seeking, the Boxerdoodle will need to adapt to having to share your affection with any new pets you bring home. 
The crossbreed is alert and intuitive, and has the potentials to be a watchdog. It may get nervous around unfamiliar people or animals, so try to socialize it as early to tone down its anxiousness. 
Training Needs
The Boxerdoodle is relatively easy to train. Note that it does not learn well under a lot of pressure, and does not respond well to heavy-handedness or yelling. Be patient. Keep the learning environment positive for best results. Praising and rewarding with healthy treats works great. Consistency and fairness in leadership are essential for the dog to become obedient. With the intelligence of a Poodle, this dog can learn pretty much any command you desire to teach it.
Activity Level
The Boxerdoodle needs a lot of exercise. This is not surprising considering the athleticism of the both the Boxer and the Poodle. This dog does best with an active family that will take it on hikes, long walks or jogs. It also loves to chase balls and Frisbees. This makes the pup a great pet for kids in the 7 to 16 year old range. 
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