Briquet Griffon Vendeen Breed Information and Facts

Considering getting a Briquet Griffon Vendeen? Makes sure you know the characteristics of the breed. We've put together the following Briquet Griffon Vendeen breed information and facts to create a profile of this dog so you have the critical information necessary to make a decision.

The Briquet Griffon Vendeen tends to be a dog that is medium in size and has a coat that is shaggy much like a poodle. The breed originated in France and is one of the four rough coated breeds from the France area. It is often shown in French dog shows and is one of the more popular breeds of the area.

Briquet Griffon Vendeens are considered to be a rare breed but the breed still has many admirers all around the world. They have a keen sense of smell and can be used to hunt small game. Because of their thick, shaggy coat they are comfortable in cooler climates and they enjoy all types of weather such as rain, and even snow. They tend to be very hardy dogs and are very friendly to everyone. They make great pets when they are around small children.

These dogs love to work and they will perform in a variety of activities. They like a lot of exercise so they are best suited in an area where they have ample room to run. They possess a lot of patience and they rarely bark excessively. They are fast runners and are at home on many different types of terrain. Their keen sense of smell lends them well to several hunting activities. Their intelligence also makes them easy to train. They are generally happy in nature and love to please their owner.

Briquet Griffon Vendeen puppies are usually born with short hair that grows into the shaggy coat when the mature. Because of their intelligence, the puppies can begin puppy training at an early age. They are self learners and respond well to adoration and affection. A pat on the head and a word of encouragement will make them happy beyond belief.

When training it is important that you not allow these dogs to think they are the master. It is possible for them to become very spoiled so you must keep a firm hand on their training. They are very obedient and will demand quite a bit of attention.

Because the Briquet Griffon Vendeen is alert and friendly, they adapt well in homes with small children. They love to play with children and they are always ready for any activity the family has in mind. They like to be around people and generally do not see a stranger. On the other hand, they do not like to be left alone for long periods of time.

The overall nature of the Briquet Griffon Vendeen is friendly and they are rarely aggressive. Their thick, shaggy coat requires some attention and will do best if brushed daily. Their coat is bushy and has a wiry feel to it. No matter how much you brush it, the coat will always look disheveled. The undercoat is thick and provides the dog warmth in some of the coldest weather conditions. They also have bushy eyebrows and large brown eyes that have a friendly look. When they look at you it is if they are saying, Pet me and I will love you forever.

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