Brussels Griffon Breed Information and Facts

Considering getting a Brussels Griffon? Makes sure you know the characteristics of the breed. We've put together the following Brussels Griffon breed information and facts to create a profile of this dog so you have the critical information necessary to make a decision.

Brussels Griffon  

The sensitive Brussels Griffon has a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years.

The Brussels Griffon was developed in Brussels, Belgium, in the early 1800s. Coachmen bred the Brussels Griffin to track down and catch rodents in the stables. The Brussels Griffon is believed to have descended from the Pug, the native Belgian terrier, the King Charles Spaniel and the Ruby Spaniel.

The Brussels Griffon weighs 8 to 10 pounds and measures 7 to 8 inches.

Grooming Needs
The Brussels Griffon has two, low-shedding coat types: rough and smooth. The rough-coated Brussels Griffon should be brushed twice a week. If being shown, the rough-coated Brussels Griffon should also be hand stripped a few times a year, otherwise, they can be clipped. The smooth-coated Brussels Griffon should be brushed once a week and bathed when needed.  

Like all dogs, the Brussels Griffon also needs basic grooming. Brush their teeth, clean their ears and trim their nails on a regular basis.  

The Brussels Griffon has a soft heart and a bold sense of humor.  

The Brussels Griffon is lively and spirited. This breed soaks up attention and will put on a show to get a laugh. The Brussels Griffin is full of love and affection, and wants to share it all with their owner. The Brussels Griffin likes to be with owner at all times and will develop separation anxiety if left alone for too long.

The Brussels Griffon can be described as happy and charismatic, but is also known for being quite sensitive. The Brussels Griffon does not like noise and chaos. Empty nesters, seniors and singles tend to be a better choice for this breed.

Training Needs
The sensitive Brussels Griffon requires a gentle and patient trainer; otherwise they can get their feelings hurt. At times, the Brussels Griffon may be stubborn, but overall this breed is intelligent and responds well to praise. Once they have the basics down, Brussels Griffons can go on to participate in advanced obedience and agility.

Activity Level
The Brussels Griffon is an ideal dog for apartment dwellers. They can do just fine with a short daily walk and some time outside to play and run around.

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