Cavapoo Dog Breed

The Cavapoo dog may not be known to most people around the world, but it is a pet breed that's extremely popular in the U.S. and Australia. Cavapoo, is nick-named by some as "Cavapoodle" owing to it, being a cross between a Cavalier King Charles (CKC) Spaniel and a Poodle. The desire for creating the Cavapoo breed was to have a miniature dog with a non-shedding, poodle coat, to make it an ideal all-round, pet for homes. You may consider Cavapoos, if you're still undecided on the breed of dog you wish to own.


Cavapoo Puppies are usually born with long and soft, fluffy ears, a compact, round face and large eyebrows. The breed's coat comes in a wide range of colors starting from solid black, white, chestnut and white, tricolor (black, white and tan) or all-gold. Adult Cavapoos grow to a maximum height of 25cms, and this miniature size can be attributed to its historical, breed connection with little Cavalier King Charles (CKC) Spaniel dogs.

Grooming Requirements

Because of their long, flowing and soft poodle-like hair coat, Cavapoos must be groomed regularly. If not, the Cavapoo's hair can get tightly knotted which will necessitate trimming. Moreover, knotting of hair will also lead to the dogs toe nails getting snagged by the fur. If and when this happens, apply gentle pressure when pulling hair around the area of the toe nails for dog grooming.


Overall, Cavapoo dogs can be described as friendly by nature. They are highly intelligent and very energetic. Once adopted, they become very attached to the family because of their true love for human companionship. Owing to their near miniature size, Cavapoos are suitable for most lifestyles and all age groups, including little children. Cavapoo dogs though active on their own, usually become even more active when their owners are. They love to be taken for regular walks but will also cuddle up with you and take a nap at any time. The Cavapoo is also a very tolerant dog and loves to be trained and is ever obliging to respond to commands. The breed is highly energetic and agile which has helped it to successfully participate in several dog sports such as Flyball, Dog dancing and Agility. One endearing trait that distinguishes the Cavapoo from other breeds in its class is its constant eagerness to please. Nothing will make Cavapoos happier than the chance to please their masters.

So you needn't think twice, or continue the search for the ideal dog, the Cavapoo is perhaps one of the most perfect family dogs you could own. With a dog that is always ready to please you, there's probably nothing more you would want.

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