Chi Poo Dog Breed

The past decade has witnessed a phenomenal rise in demand for designer hybrids, with people specifically focusing on the two pure breeds used to produce such hybrids, when making their final choices. The Chi Poo however, acquires its endearing traits from two extremely popular breeds - The Chihuahua and the Poodle. Although having evolved from such dog pedigree, Chi Poos are not as popular as other designer hybrids. The main reasons for involving a Poodle in the cross-breeding process, is because of its non-shedding coat. The Chi Poo makes a good house pet and you may consider investing in one without hesitation.


The Chi Poo always wears a lively expression. It is rather small in stature, closely matching the size of its parents. Chi Poos have coats that are long, curly and smooth, or a combination of all three. A Chi Poo is also agile around the home or outdoors. It may have both, the long ears of a Poodle, or the large, erect ears of the Chihuahua. Chi Poos can be termed the perfect hybrid breed of their type, provided they are stout, sturdy and overall, well proportioned.


The reason why a Chi Poo makes an excellent home pet is because of its loving, devoted and affectionate nature. A highlight of its behavior is its habit of forming a close attachment with one particular family member. It has been observed that Chi Poos, dislike being left on their own for extended periods of time. Moreover, if they are lonely and bored, they usually display destructive tendencies. The Chi Poo interacts in a tolerant manner with other dogs or non-canine pets, provided they are raised with such pets. Chi Poos are not recommended for homes that have children below the age of 10 years.

Grooming and Health Care

The Chi Poo is a `designer dog' and like all such hybrids in its class, it requires special grooming and care. However, this will be dependant on the type of coat they possess. When necessary, they must also be bathed. The Chi Poo is an agile dog but have their own set of health problems that include PRA, ear infection, skin conditions and epilepsy. Even though Chi Poos are ideally suited to apartment living, they must be stimulated mentally and also be exercised regularly.


If you intend to buy a Chi Poo, you can purchase Chi Poo Puppies for sale from any reputable Chi Poo breeders, or adopt one or more from a Chi Poo dog rescue shelter center. As every puppy breed differs from each other, it is important to study Chi Poos well before arriving at a final decision.

The Chi Poo may not be a popular hybrid dog but it can still make a good house pet. However, early disciplinary training and socialization is necessary as they are not easy to housebreak. Chi Poos do not respond favorably to heavy-handed or harsh treatment. When you train them, do so with fairness, patience, consistency and firmness. Designer hybrids are here to stay, so include a Chi Poo on your list and enjoy the company of a dog that has the best of traits from two popular breeds of dogs.

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