Chin Poo Dog Breed Information and Facts

The Chin Poo is a cute little ball of fur. Before you decide to add one to your family, make sure you are familiar with these Chin Poo dog breed information and facts. 
The Chin Poo is a member of the growing list of designer breeds that are so popular these days. Why create designer breeds? The dog breeders are trying to create a pup that has the best traits of the parent breeds without the negative characteristics. 
The Chin Poo is a cross between the Poodle and the Japanese Chin. The Japanese Chin was bred as a companion dog in China, and then Japan. The Poodle was bred in Europe to be a hunting dog that did not shed its hair. In combining the two, breeders sought to create a regal dog that did not shed, a great pup for a home.
The Chin Poo is a smaller dog, but not as small as you might expect. This dog can weigh between thirty and fifty pounds while growing to be about fifteen inches tall.
Grooming Needs
The grooming needs of the Chin Poo breed are highly dependent on which traits of the parent breed are dominant. If the Poodle comes through, the grooming requirements are minimal. If the Japanese Chin traits come through as dominant, then the dog needs to be brushed daily and washed regularly. Make sure to speak with your breeder to understand the situation with the pup you are considering.
The Chin Poo is very smart and energetic. This dog is very social, and it helps to socialize the dog with other humans and animals as soon as possible. 
The Chin Poo has a good temperament, but can be a bit domineering if given the chance. The key, again, is to socialize the dog by introducing it to humans and other dogs as early as possible. If done, this should result in a family pet that has a great temperament. 
Can the Chin Poo be an aggressive dog? Not really. This pup just loves to play, so it might not be great around newborn children. Other than that, this is a good pup for just about every living situation. 
Training Needs
The Chin Poo takes very well to training. The reason is the Poodle genetics. Poodles are one of the smartest breeds, if not the smartest, so the Chin Poo should be able to pick up any commands you seek to teach it
Activity Level
The Chin Poo will do well living in an apartment. They should be taken on a daily walk in order to use up any excess energy. As a social dog, introducing them to other dogs while out and about can be a good move. On top of this, it is important to keep the Chin Poo mentally stimulated. Playing with the dog should be sufficient in this area. 
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