Chinese Foo Dog Breed Information and Facts

This Chinese breed is a loyal and lively dog that makes a loving companion. Although never confirmed, it is said that the Chinese Foo was a cross between the Chow Chow and European hunting dogs. Let's dig into the Chinese Foo Dog breed information and facts you need to know when determining if this is the dog for you.
As the name indicates, the breed does come from China where it is considered a hunting dog. The dog is actually considered a good luck charm of sorts by many people. The Tong clan, in particular, adores the Chinese Foo and even made the animal its mascot. It is though the breed was used to guard Buddhist temples in China although today it is primarily a family pet. 
The toy Chinese Foo is about ten inches tall or less. The miniature stands about 10 to 15 inches tall. The standard Chinese Foo is over 15 inches tall. The largest dog can weigh in the 60 pound range. 
Grooming Needs
The Chinese Foo has an amazingly beautiful, thick coat of fur. In fact, the coat is so thick you can just throw that dog brush in the trash. You are going to need a long tooth comb to get at this hair. The dog should be brushed once or twice a week. Baths can be a battle with all the hair, so once a month is usually good enough and using a professional groomer is usually more than worth the cost. 
Because of its hunting background, the Chinese Foo is active, lively and alert. The Chinese Foo is extremely loyal and devoted, but also a bit standoffish. Having said this, it will not hesitate to step up to protect its family. The dog is definitely known for being suspicious and defensive towards strangers or anything that it sees as a potential threat.
The Chinese Foo is an independent and highly intelligent breed, so it is perfect for the owner who does not want an overly attached pet. However, this independence often leads to a proud and even stubborn personality, which can make training challenging. The dog also has a tendency to be dominating, although not aggressive. Even though the Chinese Foo is big, the dog can stay calm when it is indoors, so it can be a good apartment dog.
Training Needs
The Chinese Foo is not a recommended breed for a person or family getting their first dog. This pup can be domineering and a challenge to train. Even though the crossbreed is not vicious, socialization needs to be taken slowly and carefully, especially with young children and other pets. Although the dog is difficult to train, it does take to the training well once it learns. In many cases, it will make sense to seek out formal dog obedience training with this pup.
Activity Level
The Chinese Foo is athletic and active. It needs a lot of exercise, especially when still young. A daily walk is an absolute must. Sports such as Frisbee, running and fetch are advised as well.
In Closing
The Chinese Foo is a beautiful dog, but it can be a real handful. If you've owned dogs before and understand how to train them, click the button below to see our current listings. If the Foo sounds a bit much for you, try our Puppy Match App to find breeds that may be a better match for your lifestyle and what you are looking for in a dog. 
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