Chiweenie Dog Breed Information and Facts

With big ears and large eyes, this crossbreed is one of the cutest out there. The Chiweenie is affectionately nicknamed the Mexican Hotdog. Since crossbreeds may have any combination of traits that its purebred ancestors do, the Chiweenie varies in appearance and temperament. Easy to maintain and people-loving, the crossbreed has become a favorite for many people. It has a relatively long life – 15 years or more.
The Chiweenie is a cross between the Chihuahua and the Dachshund breed. Both are cute breeds who love to be with their people. The Chihuahua is the world’s smallest breed that originated from Mexico. The Dachshund, famous for its short legs and long body, belongs to the hound family and was bred to hunt. Combined, they make Chiweenie, an affectionate and good-looking crossbreed that can have short hair or long hair.
Standing only about 6 to 14 inches tall and weighing about 10 to 25 pounds, the Chiweenie is small and can be categorized as a toy dog,
Grooming Needs
Luckily, the Chiweenie requires very little grooming. Regularly bathing your Chiweenie and weekly brushing should be enough to make your dog’s coat smooth and shiny. Brushing promotes a healthy coat by removing dead hair. The crossbreed does shed, but very little compared to other dogs. Remember to clean the ears and to trim the nails regularly, so that it can walk comfortably.
The Chiweenie is loyal, affectionate and close to the people it trusts. Friendly and sweet, the breed is very lovable and easygoing. It is clever, loyal, active and courageous. Be aware that it will not hesitate to challenge bigger animals. It makes a great companion as it truly enjoys being with people and making people happy. It is not hard to bond with a Chiweenie. The crossbreed is always a happy dog, and its happiness is very contagious!
The Chiweenie has a very high energy level and likes to bark. It is playful, but can develop an aggressive attitude against strangers. The crossbreed likes, or even needs, plenty of attention, especially when young. Despite its small stature, the Chiweenie is known to be fearless. Make sure it does not annoy larger pets too much, and remember that even though the dog seems very courageous and strong, it is still a small dog and it needs your protection. For instance, the Chiweenie is great with young children and likes to play with them, but sometimes children can unintentionally hurt the dog.  The Chiweenie may develop a small dog syndrome, so display firm leadership to prevent this.
Training Needs
The Chiweenie is smart but stubborn. To tone down its stubbornness, do not let him develop an idea that he is the pack leader. By showing dominance, you will make him understand that you are the leader and that he should listen to you. When going for a walk, for example, try to be ahead of your dog. By having to follow you, it should get a hint that you are the pack leader. The Chiweenie can be dominating and aggressive towards dogs it encounters when walking outside. It is also often harder to housebreak, so be patient and remember that consistency is essential. Consider crate training, but make sure the crate is the right size for the small dog. Be firm when training, but use positive reinforcement instead of harsh words or heavy-handed methods. If well-trained, the Chiweenie will listen to you and will not make trouble.
Activity Level
Keep the Chiweenie busy with activities. Because the dog has so much energy, it gets bored easily and when not occupied can do harmful or destructive things. One thing that you could do is to have toys around the house for it to play with. Take you Chiweenie on a daily walk, or let it run around in the yard. It is suitable for apartment living.
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