Chorkie Dog Breed Information and Facts

The Chorkie may have an odd name, but it really is just a representation of the two breeds used to create this hybrid pup. With this in mind, let's take a closer look at the Chorkie dog breed information and facts you need to know when evaluating whether this is a good dog for you. 
The Chorkie is what is known as a designer dog. It was created by breeders in the United States by crossing the Yorkshire Terrier breed with the Chihuahua. The goal of the breeders was to create a tough little dog that would also be more loveable and relaxed than the traditional terrier. 
As with its parents, the Chorkie is a small dog. It will typically grow to be six to nine inches tall and weigh between four and six pounds. 
Grooming Needs
The Chorkie has a coat of hair that isn't particularly full, but consists of long hairs. This makes tangles a real issue, so the pup needs to be brushed nearly every day to avoid ending up with one giant tangle of hair. On top of this, your Chorkie should be bathed at least once a month. Trimming or pinning back the hair around the eyes is often also a good move. 
The breed is very energetic and brave. Thanks to their Yorkshire roots, the Chorkie most likely wont realize how little it is compared to other dogs. They are extremely charming and suave dogs who love their families. 
The temperament of a Chorkie breed can be difficult to nail down in a vacuum. The problem is the hybrid dog will not share the traits of its parents in a 50/50 split. Instead, they will tend to favor one or the other.
If you get a Chorkie that favors the Yorkshire Terrier traits, you will have an energetic dog that is brave and a bit unruly. If the Chihuahua traits dominate, the dog will be more like a lapdog but without the nervousness often seen in the parent breed. 
Training Needs
The Chorkie breed may be small, but this doesn't mean it isn't full of energy. It is. This can make training both simple and a bit aggravating. The pup has average intelligence and will be able to learn all the commands. The problem is this ball of energy may be easily distracted, which means you need to learn to stick with the process until the pup finally picks up the commands you are after. 
Activity Level
The Chorkie is a social dog. As long as it can interact with people or pets, it can live in pretty much any living situation including apartments. However, this pup does need to get out each day and go for a walk. It will be particularly happy if it can play with other dogs at a dog park or some other location. 
There is little doubt the Chorkie is one of the more popular breeds available these days. Click the button below to see our current Chorkie listings. 
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