Cockalier Dog Breed Information and Facts

Not unlike other hybrid breeds, the Cockalier varies in size and personality. Some take more after the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, while others take more after the Cocker Spaniel breed. The Cockalier usually has a short body and is friendly and affectionate, making it an excellent lapdog. The crossbreed is much healthier than its ancestors, but can still develop ear, eye or heart problems. Let's take a closer look at the critical breed information and facts associated with this pup.
The Cockalier is a cross between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Cocker Spaniel. Both of the breeds are European and of the spaniel classification, which mean they are relatively closely related. Given this relatively cozy genetic relationship, the characteristics of the Cockalier are a bit easier to predict than is the case with most hybrid dogs.
The Cockalier weighs in between 20 and 40 pounds on average. It will stand 12 to 15 inches tall.
Grooming Needs
The Cockalier’s coat can be short, medium or long, which makes suggesting a grooming routine a tad bit of a challenge. Regardless of the length, you will need to brush the coat once a week and more often during periods of shedding. Frequent inspection of the ears is also recommended as both of the genetic parents of this pup have ear infection issues that have unfortunately been passed down to the Cockalier.
Intelligent and eager to learn, the Cockalier is a natural pleaser. The crossbreed does not have a problem bonding with people, other dogs or other animals. It enjoys entertaining people and is always in a contagiously good mood. That being said, it needs attention and separation anxiety can become a real issue in some cases. Choosing this pup is only recommended if you have the time for it. 
The Cockalier is gentle, patient and good with children and other animals. The socialization stage should be supervised, though, as the Cockalier is small and can be hurt by children or animals that are too enthusiastic with it. 
The Cockalier is never vicious and very tolerant to unfamiliar situations. Although it will bark at people who come to your door, it is friendly and very unlikely to hurt anyone. The crossbreed has all the desirable qualities to be the perfect family pet. 
Training Needs
The Cockalier is intelligent, responsive, and easy to train. Obedience school is very rarely necessary. Housebreaking should not be much of a challenge, although be aware of the fact the Cockalier needs to "go" more often given as do most small dogs. 
Training sessions should generally be short. While the Cockalier is easy to train, it is also easily distracted. Short sessions should be successful, but long sessions will only stress you and the dog out. Be generous with compliments and positive encouragement to get the best results.
Activity Level
The Cockalier is an active, energetic breed that loves to play fetch and swim. The dog needs daily exercise and preferably an outdoor space to run around in. If you live in an apartment, be sure to take your Cockalier for a walk to the park every day and let it play with other dogs if possible. Many Cockalier owners are surprised to find "gifts" on their doorstep. The Cockalier is a natural hunter, so this is normal and not a sign your dog has turned into Cujo. If you do not want them to hunt or live in an area with snakes, keep the dog inside. 
In Closing
We happen to be fans of the Cockalier as a family pet. It has a good attitude, plenty of energy and is easy to trade. What more could you want in a dog? If you feel the same, click the button below to see our current Cockalier listings. If you think this may not be the breed for you, we suggest you try our free "Puppy Match App." It will identify the best breeds for you based on your living situation, lifestyle and activity level. 
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