Collie Dog Breed Information and Facts

Smart, loyal and loving, the Collie gained fame through its appearances in popular media and especially the TV series Lassie. The breed is great for family, and is extremely beautiful and elegant when groomed properly. Let's look past the glamour and get down to the critical information and facts you need to know about the Collie breed. 
The Collie as we know it from television is actually a breed known as the "Rough Collie." The dog comes to us from Scotland. In this case, television actually portrayed the dog correctly. It was bred and used as a farm dog. Common tasks included herding livestock, guarding the farm and alerting the farmhands whenever the farmer's kids fell down a well. Okay, perhaps not that last part, but it is correct to say the Collie is a working dog. 
The Collie is a larger breed than most people realize. It stands nearly two feet tall on average and weighs a rather stout 55 to 85 pounds. 
Grooming Needs
The Collie can have either a double or single coat of hair depending on its size. Regardless of the layers, the coat should be brushed at least once a week to prevent tangles and matting. The dog should also be washed once every two months or so depending on how often it is outside.  
The Collie is extremely loyal and dedicated. It is considered one of the better breeds for children. Intelligent and active, the Collie can actually recognize what you like or dislike in people and take on such traits. 
The Collie is gentle and and friendly, never vicious. The breed needs a lot of attention and affection, but it is also very intuitive and sensitive to your needs. Naturally loving and charming with children, the breed is protective but playful with kids. It is also good with other pets, especially if the Collie is given an early socialization. The Collie is polite of welcoming of most strangers, but is also alert and protective of its family, so it can make a good watchdog. The breed has is amazingly intuitive and will do whatever it can to keep harm away from you. 
Training Needs
The breed is moderately intelligent, energetic and eager to please, therefore not difficult train. It is not stubborn and always open to new lessons. Once a lesson is learned, the Collie will recall it moving forward without any problems. 
Activity Level
The Collie adapts well to different kinds of environment. Some will suggest this dog can be a good apartment pet, but we disagree given the fact it was originally a farm dog. Regardless of where you live, this is a pup that should be taken out for walks, hikes and jogs every day. Playing fetch and other games is also recommended.
In Closing
As hard as it may be to believe it, television had it right when it came to the Collie. This is simply a great family dog and it is hard to think of anything negative to say about the breed. You can click the button below to see our current listings of Collie pups. If you are not sure this breed is for you, try our free Puppy Match App to see what other dog breeds might be a good choice.  
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