Dakota Sport Retriever Breed Information and Facts

The Dakota Sport Retriever is a crossbreed that is 50% Golden Retriever with a mix of the Spanish and English Cocker Spaniel making up the rest. It usually looks like a mini Golden Retriever. Sweet, playful and fun-sized, the crossbreed is great with children and makes an excellent family pet!
The crossbreed was named the Dakota Sport Retriever because “Dakota” means friend. As with many crossbreeds, the Dakota is healthier than its purebred ancestors. The Spanish Cocker Spaniel, for example, is more prone to early blindness and other eye problems, while the Golden Retriever often has hip dysplasia. Both these breeds were commonly used as hunting dogs, so the Dakota very likely possesses some hunting-dog personality traits. 
The Dakota Sport Retriever is a lot smaller than the Golden Retriever. The crossbreed usually weighs 35 to 50 pounds, and stands about 15 to 17 inches tall.
Grooming Needs
The long-haired crossbreed does shed, but not as much as the Golden Retriever. Grooming should be done regularly, preferably using a slicker brush so that the undercoat is also healthy. The Dakota Sport Retriever may inherit a proneness to ear infection from the Cocker Spaniel. To prevent this, clean and dry the ears thoroughly and gently after every bath. Though completely optional, some people like to trim the Dakota Sport Retriever every year.
Friendly and affectionate, the Dakota Sport Retriever is always people-oriented and is very outgoing. The crossbreed loves spending time and playing with its family. It is active, playful and very energetic, never boring. The Dakota Sport Retriever is charming and affectionate, making it a good companion for young children and other dogs. Some Dakotas are more energetic than others - keep in mind that extremely high-energy dogs may not get along well with cats, who like more quiet time. The crossbreed is obedient, though, and is able to behave and to stay calm in the house.
The Dakota Sport Retriever is gentle and patient. Always sweet-natured, it is friendly towards anyone. It is charming and likes to make friends, so it may approach strangers. The crossbreed is great with children and is easy to bond with. It enjoys being the center of attention, so be affectionate and spend enough time with your dog. The Dakota may be a bit nervous or simply lonely when left alone for a long time. Let your Dakota know that it is an important part of the family and truly loved. 
Training Needs
Moderately intelligent and always eager to please, the Dakota Sport Retriever is easy to train and capable of working. Dog door train your Dakota Sport Retriever while he is still a puppy. After the dog gets comfortable with the dog door, he is ready for housetraining. The Dakota Sport Retriever learns basic commands fast and adjusts to new situations easily, especially when still young. Teach your dog tricks so it can entertain you. A true people-pleaser, the Dakota would really enjoy making its family happy. Because the Dakota is extremely people-oriented and soft-tempered, do not be harsh in training. Kind words and rewards work much better than yelling or physical punishments. 
Activity Level
The Dakota Sport Retriever is active and energetic, and can even be trained to hunt! The breed likes to play in water, play fetch, and running outside. However, especially if trained well and given enough daily exercises, the crossbreed is calm and well-behaved when indoors. The Dakota can be an apartment pet, but with its love for the outdoor and hunting background, it would be a very happy country dog. Make sure there is a toy in the house to play with, though, or your Dakota Sport Retriever can get bored and start playing with items that are not safe as toys.
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