Doodleman Pinschers

As the name implies, the doodleman pinscher is a cross between the poodle and the Doberman pinscher. Not the likeliest cross breed of dogs, the doodleman pinscher can be a very lively companion.

Doodleman pinschers can be either large or small dogs. If the standard poodle is bred to the standard Doberman pinscher the dog will be large but if the miniature pinscher is bred to a smaller poodle the doodleman pinscher puppies will be smaller and will not grow as large as the regular Doberman.

As a rule the doodleman pinscher will be well built with a strong body, long, distinctive neck, and will stand about two feet tall. They will usually weigh around 50 pounds. Because they are bred with a poodle the chances are very likely that they will have a luxurious coat that is slightly long and may be either straight or wavy. Because of their long hair they will require regular brushing and they will probably need dog grooming about once a month.

If the doodleman pinscher is going to be around small children it would be best to bring a doodleman pinscher puppy into the home where the small children already live. If the puppy is used to getting all of the attention and then suddenly has to share that attention with a child it may become jealous.

Another characteristic of the doodleman pinscher is the fact that it has a high level of energy. This should be taken into consideration before choosing one for your family. If the doodleman is going to be around children who play a lot chances are your doodleman will be very happy indeed. On the other hand, if you have a small apartment and you do not like to get out and take frequent walks you might want to consider another breed.

Doodleman pinchers can be expected to live 10 to 14 years which is quite a long life for a dog. This is another consideration you should think about since your doodleman will be a member of your family for several years. Responsible pet owners will take this into consideration before getting a doodleman for a pet. You cannot just get tired of having them around and get rid of them. They require nurturing and love if they are going to thrive.

A great thing about doodleman pinchers is the fact that they rarely, if ever, shed. This makes them an ideal pet to keep indoors. Along with their abundance of energy you will find an independent streak and an ever playful attitude.

Before deciding that you want a doodleman pinscher you should do your research to make sure you will be happy with the breed. They are very active and lively but they are also loveable and can make great pets. They are great at warning the family if somebody is outside that should not be but do not tend to be yappers like some of the pure bred poodles are known for.

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