English Bulldog Dog Breed Information

Commonly referred to as just a "Bulldog", the English Bulldog is considered one of the most loving and gentle breeds. Although they can be stubborn, this breed is noted for their patience with children. Bulldogs are good with other animals if they have been raised with them but can try to exert dominance over strange pets. Measuring 31-40 cm and weighing between 49-55 pounds, English Bulldogs are extremely muscular and reuire training from an early age. English Bulldogs are ok for apartment life, but do require daily exericse. This may be easier said than done - this breed tends to become lazy over time.

The English Bulldog originated in England sometime in the 1700s Bred for bull and bear baiting, the English Bulldog used to be a highly aggressive and skilled hunter. These dogs were bred to become the best hunters possible. The wrinkles on a Bulldog's face allowed for another animal's blood to drain quickly from its face, and not enter into the eyes. The English Bulldogs of yesteryear had aggressive tendencies, but generations of breeding have eroded them. Today's English Bulldogs are friendly and charming and, because of their great charm, are often employed by universities and sports teams as mascots.

English Bulldogs

These pupsl have small windpipes and are prone to breathing problems, snoring and slobbering. They tend to have poor eyesight and are sensitive to the cold. Some owners dress their English Bulldogs in sweaters before taking them outside in the winter, which seems to help their sensitivity. English Bulldog puppies are often born with broad heads so most births have to be preformed by a vet via Caesarian section. Bulldogs are also prone to hip and knee problems and can develop skin infections rather easily. The average lifespan of a Bulldog is relatively short normally less than ten years. Bulldogs do not shed very much and are easy to groom. They do not reuire baths very often, but the face and inside the wrinkles must be cleaned every day with a damp cloth to avoid infectiopn. English Bulldogs come in a variety of beautiful brownish shades including red, fawn, brindle, pale yellow, muted red, white, or any combination of these colours, and can have black patterns as well. Noses can be black, brown or pink, or a combination of the three.

Bulldog Puppies

Bulldog puppies are often thought of as one of the easiest breeds to train - requiring only consistency and positive reinforcement. English Bulldogs can be a bit stubborn, but they are highly intelligent. They do, from time to time, like to exert their independece. English Bulldog puppies should remain with their mothers for the first eight weeks of life - while they can eat on their own at 5-6 weeks, they are not emotionally or mentally prepared to be separated from their siblings and mother until at least two months old. When buying from a breeder, try to select one who socialized puppies right from the start. Puppies that spend

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