Estrela Mountain Dog Information and Facts

Originally bred as a guard and herding dog, the Estrela Mountain Dog is a strong and confident breed. This is a classic working dog, so let's take a look at the information and facts surrounding this breed to help you determine if it is the dog for you.
A Bias
A quick admission on my part. I love this dog. Big, beautiful and expressive, this is my ideal dog so keep this in mind when reading below.
Breed Origin
The Estrela Mountain Dog is named after the Estrela Mountains in Portugal. It is considered one of the oldest breeds in the world and is definitely the oldest breed in the Iberian Peninsula area. The dog was bred originally to guard livestock and fight off predators. It nearly went extinct in the1970s, but Portuguese breeders made a concerted effort to revive the breed line and the population is growing today. 
Average Size
This is a big dog. Would you expect anything less for a mountain dog charged with guard duty against bears, wolves and the like? The Estrela Mountain Dog stands between 24 and 30 inches. Females weigh about 65 to 88 pounds, while males can be as heavy as 100 pounds. The fur is a bit chaotic, but the dog is all muscle under it. 
Grooming Needs
This pup can have either a long or medium length coat of fur. The hair is naturally oiled so it tends not to matt up or become excessively dirty. Nonetheless, the dogs are known to enjoy a good brushing every so often and should you wish to battle with a 90 pound slippery beast, you can try washing it every few months. Good luck with that! 
The Character
The Estrela Mountain Dog is hardworking, brave and independent. Unlike other large guard dog breeds, however, it takes well to the good life. In fact, it is often difficult to imagine this dog as a pup that has historically fought bears when it is laying on the couch with your kids crawling all over it. The pup can be wary of strangers, but early socialization should take care of the issue if you view it as a problem.
Estrela Mountain Dog Temperament
The breed is known to be fearless, and will react to danger. It is also alert, intuitive and intelligent. Combined with its loyal personality, these traits make the breed unafraid to step forward to save you from danger. One almost feels sorry for any fool who tries to rob your house. Well, perhaps not. 
The Estrela Mountain Dog is not vicious or aggressive, though. We are not talking about a Pit Bull here. It is affectionate with and protective of young children. With other pets, the breed may need more time to be trusting of them. Early socialization makes all the difference, and try to not leave the dog alone with other pets until they are completely comfortable with each other. One flaw of the breed is that it can be a bit stubborn if not trained and socialized properly. If you let this side of its personality develop, the dog will often ignore your commands or act like he is in control in the house. 
Training Needs
Early socialization is needed to get the Estrela Mountain Dog used to people and other animals. The breed can be territorial, so proper training and a consistent pack-leader attitude on your part is important. Because the Estrela Mountain Dog is highly intelligent but gets bored easily, it may have a tendency to be easily distracted. Therefore, training should be varied and challenging enough to get the dog’s attention. Keep it fun so that the dog stays interested. 
Activity Level
A very athletic and energetic breed, the Estrela Mountain Dog does not do too well in apartments. A big yard is advised and you should be prepared to take it for walks on a daily basis. A long hike in a national park or canyon will make this pup very happy. 
The Estrela Mountain Dog is a top 10 dog and a great addition to any family home if you can find one. Click below to see if we currently have any listings for this pup. If not or your not sure this is the breed for you, click on over to our "puppies for sale" page to try our free Puppy Match App that will give you a list of breeds best suited to your lifestyle. 
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