French Bulldog Information

The French are world-renowned for their cuisine and their country's icon - the Eiffel Tower. But do you know that France also has a popular breed of dog? Well, you may, or may not, but this country also has a lesser known, household pet - The French Bulldog. If you wish to learn a little more about this breed, here's some information to enlighten you.


French Bulldogs are believed to have originated in either, Spain, England, or France itself and evolved from small bulldogs. However, `toy bulldogs' were exported from England to France in the 1800s and thereafter, the French went about breeding Bulldog Puppies, using specific traits of this imported little version, to set it apart from it's English counterpart. The French Bulldog, as we see it today, is a result of this breed-altering process. Today, there are French, English, Spanish and American versions of this dog. The American Kennel Association first registered The French Bulldog in 1898.


French Bulldogs fall under the `small dog' category and are much smaller than the English version of the breed. They are `pug' nosed, wrinkled and have long, erect, bat-like ears. The French Bulldog also has a square-shaped, head and a rounded, forehead. It also has shoulders that are wider than its back. The coats of French Bulldogs come in three colors, viz., white, brindle, fawn, or a combination of the three. They have large, dark eyes and weight between 19 - 28 lbs. The striking appearance, of the French Bulldog is its little size. An adult is merely 12 inches in height.


Like any dog breed, French Bulldogs have their own set of health-associated, problems. Avoid exposing them to harsh sunlight as they are prone to heat stroke or eye injuries. Other possibilities include breathing and skin problems. It is advisable to have your French Bulldog undergo regular check-ups by a qualified, veterinarian as well as be administered with the relevant shots and booster medication, when necessary. In a single litter, this breed can deliver 2-5 Bulldog Puppies. The normal life span, of a French Bulldog, ranges from 10-14 years, if it has adequate medical care, nutrition and living conditions.


The French Bulldog is usually good tempered, well behaved, does not bark more than necessary and just loves to hunt and devour mice. French Bulldogs are also easy to care for and owing to their size, do not require too much space. They are also very fond of children and fairly good around other pets at home.


The things you need to consider before buying French Bulldogs are they tend to be less obedient, Physically, these pups tend to drool and snore and cannot swim. They may also need more veterinarian care than other dog breeds.

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