French Pug Breed Information and Facts

The French Pug, sometimes called the Frenchie Pug, is a playful and affectionate designer crossbreed that makes a great family pet. It has gained much popularity in recent years, which is not surprising, considering how adorable it is. Let's take a closer look at the information and facts you need to know about the French Pug breed.
French Pug Origin
The French Pug is a cross between the French Bulldog and the Pug. It is a designer breed recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club. The genetic parents are both playful, fun dogs, so it should be no surprise this pup is as well.
Average Size
The French Pug varies in size. Having said this, it usually stands about 13 to 15 inches tall and weighs between 15 to 30 pounds. 
Dog Grooming Needs
If you dislike shedding dogs, we have good news. The short coat of the French Pug requires next to no maintenance. Brush as needed. If the pup needs a bath, you can try even just washing it off with a wet towel to avoid the usual chaos associated with a dog bath. 
The French Pug may have any combination of characteristics from its genetic parents. Since these parents share many of the same traits, it isn't much risk to say this pup is playful and affectionate. It isn't too hyper, so it is good with children and other pets. It loves to have fun and likes to entertain its owners. Sociable and lively, it appreciates human attention and is a natural charmer.
The French Pug can be an attention-seeker. The crossbreed has a tendency to always want to stay close to its human family and to follow people around. It usually does not have a habit of barking a lot, but it can be attached and needy. Stubbornness is also common if not properly trained. Be aware of this tendency and display a pack-leader attitude to tone down any dominating personality. The pup is even-tempered and is patient with children, making it a suitable pet for families with young kids or with other pets. Puppies are more energetic and restless than the calmer adult French Pugs.
Training Needs
Though the French Pug loves to please and entertain, the crossbreed could be stubborn and difficult to teach. Be patient, and use positive reinforcement or a reward system to encourage good behavior. Harsh words or yelling is definitely not recommended. 
Start socialization and training early to develop good habits from a young age. Because this breed can be overly attached and willful, you must act like the pack leader so that your dog does not grow to be too stubborn or develop the small dog syndrome. 
Like its ancestor, the French Bulldog, the French Pug is alert and courageous, and can therefore be trained to become a good watchdog. It is also good at learning tricks.
Activity Level
The French Pug is playful and loves activities, but does not do too well in warm weather or extremely cold weather. A daily walk will take care of the physical exercise requirements, but be sure to pay attention to the pup and involve it in your life or it will become depressed.
Crossbred dogs can often be odd. This is not the case with the French Pug. If you are looking for a smaller size dog that is a great family pet for kids and adults alike, click the button below to see what we have on offer. If you are having doubts about whether this breed is the pup for you, flip over to our home page to try our free Puppy Match App to see other breed that may be a better match for you.
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