FrenchBo Dog Breed Information and Facts

The FrenchBo is a hybrid cross of the French Bulldog and the Boston Terrier that has grown in popularity in recent years, mainly due to lower health risks and friendly demeanor - especially towards children. Let take a closer look at the breed information and facts you need to know about the FrenchBo before adding one to your family.
Originally known as a “designer” breed, the FrenchBo (also recognized as a Faux FrenchBo Bulldog, Faux French Bulldog, Frenchton, or a Boston Frenchie) was originally a cross between a purebred French Bulldog and a purebred Boston Terrier in a perfect 50/50 split.  As the breed has grown more popular in recent years, the hybrid mix can vary from dog to dog depending on its parent as it is common to breed multi-generational crosses.
On average, a FrenchBo is smaller than both the French Bulldog and the Boston Terrier.  They usually weigh 15-20 pounds and have smaller eyes and muzzle.  However, the characteristic bat-like ears are a prominent feature on this dog and remain similar in size to that of its purebred parents.
Grooming Needs
Much like the French Bulldog, the FrenchBo’s coat requires minimal.  Brushing weekly or a shampoo (either tearless puppy or baby shampoo) every 3 weeks will keep the coat clean and their short fur happy and healthy.  Clean your FrenchBo’s ears on a similar bi-monthly basis with a damp, warm cloth and small dabs of baby oil to soothe any dry spots.  
As a puppy, it is incredibly important to regularly clip your FrenchBo’s nails as they will not wear down naturally.  Keeping their nails short with regular clippings every 7-10 days will not only help your dog’s pasterns, but it will lead to strong paw development and less medical headaches for you in the future.  As the dog gets older, nail clippings can be cut back to once every 2 weeks.
Known as an easy going and intelligent dog, the FrenchBo is a great low maintenance dog for families. 
True to its hybrid roots, the FrenchBo is a wonderful combination of the playfulness and eagerness of the French Bulldog and the intelligent and friendly manners of the Boston Terrier.  As a result, these dogs are smart, easy to train, loyal and great with children.  However, the FrenchBo needs to be around humans that show leadership  or else it will assert itself as the alpha becoming stubborn and demanding.  The confident presence of its owner as the pack leader and authority will help this pup become a comfortable part of the family.
Training Needs
While FrenchBos have the stubborn streak found in most Bulldog breeds, they are on average very food-oriented and will respond well to treat-incentive training.  As already mentioned, a FrenchBo will respond best to a calm and confident authority figure.   It is best to start training your FrenchBo early on as a puppy – starting with the regular and most difficult tasks like potty training, heeling, and alone time.
Activity Level
Much like its hereditary parents, a FrenchBo needs one good long walk per day as well as free play in a yard or park.  As a small dog, a FrenchBo will adapt well to apartment life, but it still needs regular daily exercise and activity time to keep it in shape, social, and alert.  A FrenchBo will most likely avoid cold or rainy weather, but despite the season will need to stay hydrated and active.
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