German Collie Breed Information and Facts

While commonly mistaken for a purebred German Shepherd, the German Collie is a hybrid dog that has become very popular. Let's take a closer look at the German Collie breed information and facts you need to know about this impressive pup.
The German Collie hybrid – occasionally referred to as a “Shollie” – is a cross between a German Shepherd and a Border Collie.  Relatively rare in breeder circuits, this dog was bred more for as a work dog.  While the dog’s exact personality can best be determined by the specific breed lines, in general the dogs will either look almost exactly like a German Shepherd – but with longer hair and a smaller frame – or almost exactly like a Border Collie – but with bigger ears, taller build, and a darker coat. 
Due to their genetic make-up the exact height of these dogs can range from 20-30 inches tall and can range in weight from 45-75 pounds.  In determining the exact size of a German Collie as a puppy, it is important to look to the parents and try to determine which one is dominant in the genetics of the puppy.
Grooming Needs
The German Collie on average sports a long-haired coat that will need regular brushing – at least 3 times a week – to keep it healthy and naturally shiny.  If the dog is showing more Border Collie traits, it will also go through a shedding season and will need extra care and grooming during those weeks.  Contrary to what you might expect, this pup doesn't need to be bathed all that often. The coat of hair has natural oils that shed dirt. Ticks and fleas can be a problem, however, so make sure to use a product to keep them safe. 
The German Collie is known to be a determined, intelligent and loyal dog. This pup is also known to seek the approval of its owner on a regular basis.
Across the board, German Collies are very intelligent and obedient dogs.  As pets, these dogs will need to be active in the family – not kept separate in a kennel – and require regular exercise, training, and leadership.   They also have a natural herding instinct and need to be taught that humans are different from animals. To prevent a German Collie from becoming shy, territorial, or aggressive, train and socialize the dog from birth – allowing regular interaction and playtime with other dogs, people, and children.  Because they have a natural instinct to be shepherding dogs, these pups have a natural dominant nature and absolutely need an owner that can be the alpha.  Don't be discouraged, this dog mellows as it ages and makes a great family dog. 
Training Needs
The German Collie has a lot of energy and will try to assert itself as the alpha in the family. Given this, it sometimes is not the best choice for the first time dog owner. Firm, dominant training needs to be provided so this dog knows where it stands in the family. If you cannot provide that, then looking at another breed may be a better choice.  Having said this, these pups are smart and take well to training. If you stick with the training, they can learn pretty much any command and carry it out.
Activity Level
German Collies will have a naturally higher energy drive than other mid-size dogs and will require at least two brisk walks daily.  These dogs will also need to be regularly engaged both physically and mentally.  If all else fails, German Collies will thrive learning a long series of complex tasks.
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