German Wirehaired Pointer Breed Information

The German Wirehaired Pointer, which is named quite obviously after its wiry, water-resistant coat and country of origin, is an affectionate, intelligent dog. Measuring 22-26 inches and weighing 60-70 pounds, this large dog is a hard worker and likes to be kept occupied during the day. The German Wirehaired Pointer has many talents - thanks to a superior sense of smell, this breed excels at hunting, tracking, and retrieving, even in water, and due to their large size and intimidating stature, this breed of Pointer is an excellent guard dog. The Wirehaired Pointer is affectionate with children but, due to its large size, is better suited to a family with older children. This breed is normally good with other animals but can become jealous, a tendency which can easily be prevented through early socialization.

This breed thrives on activity and is not recommended for apartment life. Wirehaired Pointers need a long, daily walk in addition to regular runs. Wirehaired Pointers will follow alongside their family members as they jog, rollerblade or bicycle. This breed is wonderful and loving but it is not suited to an inactive family - under exercised Wirehaired Pointers can become unruly, destructive and unmanageable. This breed has a strong instinct to work and to roam and to deprive the dog of that ability is cruel at best.

The German Wirehaired Pointer is a relatively new breed, first developed in the late 1800s in Germany as a hunting companion. It is a cross between the Bloodhound, Foxhound and Wirehaired Griffon, and was recognized as a purebred by the AKC in 1959.

German Wirehaired Pointers should be brushed about twice a week, and the coat will need the occasional stripping. This can be done at home, but you may want to seek the guidance of a professional the first few times you attempt to strip the coat. Some Wirehaired Pointers are prone to ear infections, so the ears must be inspected and cleaned regularly.

German Wirehaired Pointers

This breed has a relatively long lifespan, averaging 13 years. They are generally healthy but, like most dogs, are prone to hip dysplasia and ear infections dog diseases. Some bloodlines suffer from eye infections and skin cancer. German Wirehaired Pointers are excellent companions for people who are athletic and outdoorsy. These dogs seem to have abundant resources of energy, and they


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