Havapoo Breed Information and Facts

A small hybrid dog, the Havanese-Poodle mix is relatively new in the designer dog world and can have a surprising variation of colors.  Known for being very gentle and friendly small dogs, the Havapoo – or “PooVanese” – is a popular choice for elderly couples. If you are considering one of these pups as an addition to your family, here is the breed information and facts you need to know.
Most commonly a mix of the Havanese and the Miniature Poodle, the Havapoo is only just gaining popularity in the US as more families look to both breeds as family pets, rather than as show dogs.  Because both the Havanese and the Miniature Poodle are such friendly and small dogs that are known to be easy to obedience train, obvious interest developed in a cross between the two – resulting in the endearing little Havapoo. 
As both its genetic parents are toy breeds, the Havapoo is equally small.  Ranging from 9 – 12 inches tall and 7 – 15 pounds, Havapoos are delicate little dogs with a wide range of curly or wavy mid-length coat possibilities.  
Grooming Needs
As with other non-shedding dogs, the Havapoo needs to be brushed or combed weekly to remove all dead hairs and keep their unique coat shiny and healthy.   It is recommended that a Havapoo should be trimmed or clipped down at least twice a year, and shampooed at least once a month or as necessary.  Keep nails trimmed and teeth brushed on a regular basis.   Check their ears and eyes at least once a week and pluck any long hairs or tangles to avoid infections.
As most Havapoo owners observe, the Havapoo is a delightful mix of the Miniature Poodle and the Havanese – displaying both intelligence and gentleness to its family.
Naturally friendly, playful, and smart, Havapoos get along very easily with children and other dogs.  While some Havapoos are very outgoing, others can have a more gentle and cuddly attitude and will prefer to spend its time close to its family.  Above all else, Havapoos are intelligent and will need a calm and confident owner to instill authority and praise at the proper times.  Havapoos are incredibly sensitive to voices and will respond best to positive tones, praise, and encouragement.  
Training Needs
Treat-based training or praise will go a long way when training a Havapoo.  Since their natural intelligence leads to curiosity and observation, they will take quickly to potty and obedience training.  While Havapoos are not a barking dog, if they are not trained as a puppy, they might develop an aggressive streak that could lead to incessant barking.  Train your dog not to bark and they will quickly adapt as it is in line with their natural instincts.
Activity Level
Most Havapoo owners observe that their dogs have a moderate energy level. A long walk or extended play time will tire them out, but they do like to remain active as long as they can.  Havapoos will do very well in apartment or indoor settings as long as they have someone to play with while there.  Play hiding or fetch games with your Havapoo to keep its mind and curiosity alert and make training part of the fun.
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