Irish Red and White Setters

Although a lot of people think that they have not heard of the Irish Red and White Setter, most of us have. Most of us have seen these dogs before, but we may of not know what they where called. These are a breed of dog that were, of course, bred to be working gun dogs, just like other setters. The Irish Red and White Setter, come out looking just like the adults do (just a little smaller). Very few of the Irish Red and White Setter puppies have to grow into their spots. Most of the time people get these dogs mixed up with the Irish Setter. This is because they look almost identical to them. That is why a lot of people may have never heard of the Irish Red and White Setters before.

The main problem people have with buying these dogs (which could be the reason why they are not more popular) is the fact that they take longer to train than most gun dogs. However, once you get a Irish Red and White Setter trained, you can rest assured that this is one mighty fine dog. It's not so much that these dogs are not smart, but they love to play. Thus, it is harder for people to train them. If it's your first time training a dog, you may want to start off with an easier breed to train, or have someone else train this dog. It will save you hours and hours of frustration. These are dogs that have to have firm training, not harsh, but very firm. These dogs are excellent with kids. In fact, they are better with kids than even the golden retrievers (which are well known for their relationship with kids).

This is a breed that loves to romp and play. This is also a breed that is very close to extinction. This is another reason why a lot of people have not heard of it. Although, things are starting to look better for the Irish Red and White Setter. As more and more people start learning about this dog, more and more people want one. In fact, this breed has kind of undergone a revival (if you will) in the recent decade. This is great, and soon this dog may no longer be close to extinction. Although, it is kind of sad that it takes something like extinction to get people to start caring about a certain breed of dogs. Over the years we have already lost tons of different breeds of dogs, and it would be sad to lose yet another one.

This is a dog that would love to be in your family if you give it half a chance. It wants to play, and it wants to be part of your family. They are kind of independent on some levels, but that goes for just about any kind of gun dog. This is still one of the most loyal breeds you will ever meet. Go get yourself one today, and save a dying breed.

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