Italian Greyhound Breed Information

Italian Greyhound

The sensitive Italian Greyhound has a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years.

Although their name may imply differently, the Italian Greyhound did not originate in Italy. The Italian Greyhound is believed to have descended from either Egypt or the Mediterranean area thousands of years ago. During the Renaissance era, the Italian Greyhound became highly prized in Italy and was eventually named after the country.

The Italian Greyhound weighs 7 to 15 pounds and measures 13 to 15 inches.  

Grooming Needs
The Italian Greyhound has a short, thin coat that sheds very little. The Italian Greyhound only needs to be brushed once a week and bathed when dirty. Like all dogs, the Italian Greyhound also needs basic grooming. Brush their teeth, clean their ears and trim their nails on a regular basis.  

The Italian Greyhound has a sweet, gentle spirit.  

The Italian Greyhound thrives on companionship and prefers to be as close to their family as possible. The Italian Greyhound is highly devoted and affectionate. They want all of their family’s attention and have no problem demanding it. Italian Greyhounds have lots of love for their family, but are reserved and shy around new people.

The Italian Greyhound has a sensitive nature and dislikes noise and chaos. Although they generally get along well with children, Italian Greyhounds are best suited for empty nesters or singles, or at least homes with older kids. Italian Greyhounds are loving and playful, but not very rambunctious. They prefer a quiet and peaceful environment.  

Training Needs
The Italian Greyhound is intelligent, but willful. They want to please their owner, but do not respond readily to commands and are quite sensitive. Italian Greyhounds should always be treated with kindness and respond best to praise and treats. They also need early socialization to help them overcome any shyness.

Italian Greyhounds are notoriously difficult to housebreak. They simply do not like the cold and refuse to get wet. Italian Greyhounds may need a covered area in the yard to help them with housebreaking.  

Activity Level
As a puppy, the Italian Greyhound is active and playful. The Italian Greyhound needs a daily walk and regular time in the yard to run around. Although Italian Greyhounds are speedy, they do not have a lot of endurance and are not designed to be jogging partners.

Italian Greyhounds are also more prone to broken bones than other breeds. They may be athletic, but should be watched carefully and discouraged from jumping and rough play. As Italian Greyhounds mature they tend to become less active, but should still be monitored.

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