Japanese Chin Breed Information

In this Japanese Chin breed profile, we detain a variety of information on this interesting, little dog with a misleading name. A dog with a distinctive face, this breed is unique in that it is known for its cat-like mannerisms.
Japanese Chin
The regal Japanese Chin has a life expectancy of 10 to 12 years. With proper care, however, it is known to live a good bit longer.
Ready for a surprise? The Japanese Chin breed does not originate in Japan. Instead, this dog is believed to come to us from China. Thousands of years old, the dog was believed to have been a gift from a Chinese Emperor to his equivalent in Japan. The gift was a hit to say the least. The dog soon became a status symbol with nobility in Japan and a particular favorite of shoguns. Imagine that – a sword carrying macho man walking down the street with his tiny Japanese Chin wrapped under this arm!
While in Japan, the Japanese Chin was further developed to be the ultimate companion. They were especially favored by the country’s royalty and ownership was highly restricted to the noble and wealthy. Japanese Chins were unknown to most of the world until the latter half of the 19th century because they were so closely guarded by the Japanese.
The Japanese Chin weighs 4 to 11 pounds on average. It measures 8 to 11 inches in height, but can seem taller since the tail curls up over the back.
Grooming Needs
The Japanese Chin has a long, flowing coat that needs to be brushed twice a week. Although you can do it yourself, this is a pup that should probably be professionally groomed as their coat of hair can be a handful. Basic grooming of claws, ears and what have you should also be undertaken regularly.
The Japanese Chin is gets along with people and other animals without much problem. Having said this, this is a dog that knows what it likes and doesn't like, so it can be viewed as having a bit of an attitude. As long as you learn to recognize those, this pup should cause you little problem.
The Japanese Chin is intelligent and mild-mannered. This dog is often considered to be very sensitive to the emotions of its owner. This can be a good or bad thing depending on the mood of the household.
Training Needs
The Japanese Chin is smart and easy to train. They love the attention they get from showing off tricks. Japanese Chins tend to be sensitive and respond especially well to praise and positive reinforcement.
Health Issues
This little pup does come with health issues. The breed has a tendency to have back problems, cataracts and heart problems.
Activity Level
The Japanese Chin makes a great dog for apartment dwellers. This is a dog that needs little activity and is happy to just hang out around the abode all day.
If you are looking for a companion dog with high manners, the Japanese Chin may be the dog for you. A regal dog, this pup is popular with older adults.
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