Jug Dog Breed Information and Facts

A somewhat rare hybrid dog, the Jug dog – also called the “Jack-Pug” – is a spunky and energetic dog that requires a lot of time outdoors.  Quick learners, Jug Dogs are a great companion for a family or owner with a lot of energy and affection. Here are the ins and outs of breed information and facts you need to know about this dog.
Jug Dogs originate from a cross between a Jack Russell Terrier and a Pug.  Still relatively rare, it is believed that the first breed developed in the US in the 1960’s, but they have quickly gained underground popularity in Australia and the UK.  Depending on the genetic mix, Jug Dogs can come in a wide array of colors and body sizes. Some pups sport the traditional “fawn” coloring of a Pug, while others have coats that mimic the black and white coats of a Jack Russell.  Most Jugs will have the identifiable curly tail of a Pug, and usually carry the facial characteristics of a Pug.  Above all, the interest in this hybrid breed comes from the unique personalities of both dogs – playful and energetic yet affectionate and intelligent.
Depending on the genetic ratio and size of the parents, Jugs can range in size from 10 – 14 inches tall and weigh in at 10 – 18 pounds.
Grooming Needs
Jugs have a relatively short coat and as a result are pretty low-maintenance when it comes to grooming.  Remove dead hairs with a short brush or static glove every two weeks and bathe your Jug only as needed, no more than twice a month as frequent baths can dry out their skin and lead to irritation. Check eyes and ears every two weeks and brush teeth regularly to avoid any dental issues. 
Known for their high levels of loyalty, energy, and love for exploring and digging – this small dog is a playful handful that will thrive best in a family that can give it plenty of attention.
While exact traits will be unique to each dog based on its genetic mix, most Jugs are a wonderful blend of playful, energetic, comical, curious, loving, intelligent, and loyal characteristics.  To keep up with this great mix, and to foster your dog to its greatest potential, owners should make sure to give a Jug plenty of time outside, playing, walking, and generally engaged.  Take note that if a Jug Dog is kept inside, alone, and stationary for too long, it is likely to start chewing, scratching, and destroying your household items. 
Training Needs
Due to their natural attentiveness and love for interaction, Jugs will eagerly take to training activities.  Treat and incentive-based training works incredibly well with these pups. You just need to be consistent and issue clear commands.  Begin potty and obedience training early.  Take care to be confident, patient, and positive leader and handler so you dog knows who the leader is and who wears the pants in the family.
Activity Level
As mentioned, Jugs have high levels of energy for such a small dog and will need at least two walks a day or a good amount of time outside playing with other dogs.  Jugs love games such as fetch, tug-of-war, hiding or other puzzles and will mature best in a space where they have room to roam, play, and explore.  


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