Kuvasz Breed Information


The Kuvasz has a life expectancy of 10 to 14 years.

The Kuvasz is an ancient breed, dating back thousands of years. In 2000 B.C., Magyar tribes traveled to present-day Hungary from Asia, bringing with them a dog known as “Ku Assa.” The Ku Assa was tasked to keep guard over livestock, horses, sheep and cattle. Later, they would be used by nobility for protection and hunting purposes. In fact, the Kuvasz of today was developed, in large part, by Hungarian nobles during the late 15th century.

The Kuvasz weighs 70 to 115 pounds and measures 26 to 30 inches.

Grooming Needs
The Kuvasz has a white double coat that can be straight to wavy. The Kuvasz sheds lightly most of the year, but will blow their coat once or twice a year with the change of seasons. The Kuvasz just needs to be brushed weekly and bathed rarely. The Kuvasz is naturally clean and odorless.

Like all dogs, the Kuvasz also needs basic grooming. Brush their teeth, clean their ears and trim their nails on a regular basis.  

The Kuvasz is loyal and strong willed.  

The Kuvasz is devoted to their family, but is not overly affectionate or demonstrative. The Kuvasz tends to be independent, although they deeply love their family and can be clownish around them. They form a serious attachment to their family and do not like to be left out of their activities.

The Kuvasz has long been used as a guard dog and protector. As a result, they are wary of new people and can be territorial if not well socialized. Bold and fearless, the Kuvasz will not hesitate to defend their home and family from any threat.

Training Needs
The Kuvasz matures slowly and likes to think before acting on a command. The Kuvasz is not naturally obedient and therefore requires a lot of patience to train. The Kuvasz responds best to a firm, but kind leader who sticks to the rules. If given an inch, the Kuvasz will take a mile.

As part of their training, the Kuvasz also needs lots of early socialization. This breed can be suspicious of strangers and needs to be socialized to help them understand the difference between a welcome and unwelcome visitor.

Activity Level
The Kuvasz was bred to be a working dog and thrives on outdoor activity. However, like many larger breeds, the Kuvasz is prone to joint and bone problems, especially as a growing puppy. Therefore it is important not to over exercise the Kuvasz. A daily walk and supervised playtime in a secure area is enough for a puppy. As the Kuvasz matures, they can take part in more activity.  


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