Malchi Breed Information and Facts

The Malchi is a small hybrid breed that is fearless and loyal to its family.  A natural gentle disposition, the Malchi has grown increasingly popular as a companion for elderly couples. If you are considering this dog as an addition to your family, these are the information and facts you need to know.
The Malchi originates from a cross between a Chihuahua pup and the Maltese breed.  The dog is unique in that although it carries the traits of both breeds, one side tends to dominate.  As a result, a Malchi will either look more like a Chihuahua – with short hair and a lanky body – or will have a more Maltese appearance – with longer curly hair and a small face.  
Seeing as both its parents are small dogs, a Malchi can range in height from 12-14 inches and will weigh between 5-12 pounds. 
Grooming Needs
Depending on the exact genetic mix, a Malchi can have either a short haired coat or a soft, curly-haired coat.  In general, a good rule of thumb is that the longer the hair, the more maintenance it will need.  Despite coat length, a Malchi will need to be brushed regularly – at least once a week.  
Bathe and shampoo as necessary. For short haired versions of the dog, this should only be once every 6 weeks. For longer haired Malchis, it would be best to bathe your dog at least once a month.  Check eyes and ears every two weeks and brush teeth regularly to avoid any dental issues. 
Across the board, Malchis are known for being staunchly loyal little dogs. They prefer to be the center of attention in the family.
A well-trained and healthy Malchi will be an affectionate and loyal companion for any family. The moods will regularly alternate between being lively and playful and affectionate and cuddly. This makes them a popular lap dog and apartment dog.  
In families, these hybrids will do best with older children who know how to treat dogs with respect.  However, Malchis also have a stubborn streak and can develop small dog syndrome if not raised socialized and trained correctly.  Negative behavior traits such as aggression towards other dogs, biting, barking, and distrust need to be addressed early on and can only be solved with calm and confident authority and training from the owner.  
By asserting yourself as the pack leader, a Malchi will learn your rules and aim to please you, rather than acting as the alpha itself.  
Training Needs
The Malchi requires a calm and confident authority figure in both training and daily settings.  Begin training your Malchi from day one with obedience and potty training.  Allow your dog to socialize regularly with other dogs at this early age so they don't grow up timid or nervous.  A nervous dog tends to lash out when it feels threatened, so socialization is critical with a pup like the Malchi.
Activity Level
Malchis have an average energy level for a small dog. These pups need a daily walk and an average amount of play time, but will tire out quickly by the end of the day.  Try to keep the pup stimulated both mentally and physically. If you do, this is one of the more enjoyable small pups to own. 
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