Maltipom Breed Information and Facts

The Maltipom is a hybrid dog known for being cautious around strangers, but incredibly playful with its family.  They are energetic and incredibly loyal dogs that do well with older children and adults. Let's take a closer look at the information and facts you need to know about the Maltipom when evaluating this breed.
The Maltipom is a hybrid breed derived from a cross between the Maltese breed and the Pomeranian breed.  Originally a cross between these two purebred breed lines, the Maltipom has seen its line blurred even more by mixes with other random breeds.  Still, these dogs generally still sport the characteristically large ears and small frames of its genetic parents and come in a mix of colors.
A Maltipom is a small dog. It will usually grow to between 8 and 12 inches tall and weigh 3 to 9 pounds. They are generally considered to have delicate bodies.
Grooming Needs
With a soft long-haired coat, it is essential to brush a Maltipom on a daily basis with a soft brush and a gentle touch.  Maltipoms can either be bathed or dry shampooed once to twice a month to keep them clean. Having said this, it is very important to dry this pup immediately after the bath to make sure their core doesn't drop to unhealthy levels. Yes, they are this delicate. 
Maltipom dogs are very energetic and loyal dogs. They are not overly friend and are known to be naturally wary of strangers.
A well-trained and socialized Maltipom will be playful, affectionate, and dedicated to its owners.  It should be noted that despite their small size, Maltipoms do not do well with small children as they can get too playful and injure or upset a small child.  Socialization is very important. If not socialized with other animals enough in their puppy stage, a Maltipom will grow to be nervous and aggressive around other dogs.  
Maltipoms do best in a household with owners that can display regular affection, trust, and care.  It is important to maintain dominance over this dog or they can become snappish, unstable, jealous and yappy.  By asserting yourself as the pack leader, through calm but clear commands and authority, you can very easily train a Maltipom to be calm and happy.
Training Needs
A Maltipom will learn best through regular and positive training that is mentally stimulating. Early socialization is critical. Without it, the pup can become nervous and scared as it grows into adulthood, which can lead to aggressive behavior. As for the training itself, this is a smart pup and should be able to pick up pretty much any command. Treat training is particularly effective with this dog.  
Activity Level
Maltipoms are known for their short bursts of energy.  They will require at least one daily walk, but otherwise can adapt quite easily to indoor life.  This pup needs to be with its family on a daily basis, so make sure you keep this pup as an indoor dog and show it plenty of attention. 
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