Miki Dog Breed Information

Miki is a relatively new dog breed started in the 1980s by people, including a woman named Micki Mackin, living in Wisconsin and its suburbs. Micki Mackin used different breeds to produce Miki. These included: Papillon, Japanese Chin, Maltese, Shih Tzu, and Papillon/Yorkshire Terrier. However, her incomplete records do not give a precise idea of the degree of mix among these breeds. Generally regarded as a `toy dog', Miki is characterized by long silky, non-shedding hair, and a friendly and graceful look.

Physical Features

Being a `toy dog', Miki is a small dog with a height of 10 to 11 inches and a weight of nearly 5 kg. Its small, apple-domed head bears a characteristic stop. However, internationally registered Mikis have rounded heads that lack the apple dome. Eyes and nose are large and mostly dark, though blue, brown, or ruby are also acceptable with coats of the same colors. Mikis may carry their feathered ears erect or cropped but, on the whole, their ears are quite mobile. The body is a bit longer than the body with a straight and level backline. The thin, hare-like feet must be shaved. Mikis have two types of coats: smooth coat and long coat. The litter size of Miki is small and usually consists of 1 to 4 Miki puppies.


These dogs are intelligent, loving, and calm, Miki is an ideal family dog as well as a personal friend. Its friendly yet alert temperament makes it a great companion for disabled people. Mikis do not indulge in useless barking but make noise only when they are threatened. Not only are they affectionate to their owner and his/her family but they also accept strangers quite readily. For children, they are a natural substitute for teddy bears. Even-tempered and easy to train, Mikis are friendly to other animals including cats. Some female Mikis may even care for kittens as their `mum'. The adaptability of Miki makes it an ideal pet for apartment life as well as acreage.

Health and Grooming

Miki usually makes it into the late teen years. Older Mikis and those having a shorter muzzle are prone to catching respiratory problems. Frequent cleaning of their teeth is important in keeping them healthy. Also, shaving their face and feet is helpful in keeping them clean and free of dirt and germs. Usually, a daily walk suffices to keep Miki fit. Mikis are fond of playing, especially with kids, and that helps meet their exercise needs. Grooming with a wire comb, at least once a week, is important for removing dead hair. Bathing is done when needed, usually a week or two.

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