Miniature Poodle Breed Information

Poodles are dogs that are super smart, and the miniature poodles are no different. As you may have been able to guess by the name, the miniature poodles do not get very big. In fact, a miniature poodle may only get to be about 10 inches high and may only weigh six to nine pounds (most of us have seen cats that are bigger than that). However, this does not stop the miniature poodle from being a great family dog and being very active and alert. The miniature poodle puppies are also very smart and very easy to train, unlike a lot of other types of puppies. When the miniature poodle first came around, it was a gun dog and used to go after small game. Now these dogs act primarily as pets.

Miniature poodle are very intelligent dogs. In fact, most poodles are, and that is the reason why a lot of people cross breed with poodles. They are very active and very alert, and they know what is going on. Since these dogs are so smart, they are well known for their aptitude and their performing level. The most amazing thing about these dogs is that they have a drive to be hunting dogs, even if they have never been trained to do so. In fact, many people claim that their miniature poodles will point out small birds, and so on, to their masters. The main problem faced with the poodle is that they tend to get bored very easily (even if you are playing with them). They are very smart dogs, and to kill time they tend to get into mischief. This is bad, because they are so smart they can find some pretty bad stuff to get into.

The miniature poodle is a very people oriented dog. They want to please people, and it's or that reason that they make great watchdogs. They do not make great attack dogs, because they are so small, but watchdogs, yes. Unlike a lot of dogs, they tend to become a one person dog in families. They will get along with others in the family, but when they sit in a lap, it is going to be on the lap of the one person they have claimed. They will also want that person to feed them and walk them, and they are much more likely to sleep on that side of the bed. These dogs have a very strong need for daily exercise. They love to go on walks or have long play sessions with kids. Keep in mind that these dogs are pretty athletic and can be hard to keep up with at times.

The miniature poodles love for people to watch them. They love to fetch balls and love when people talk about them. It is as if this dog knows when you are talking highly of it, because it tends to hold its head higher when it knows. Since these dogs are so small, they do rest more than other poodles, and on top of that, they do need fresh water on hand all the time.

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