North American Shepherds

There are some dogs that you may have never heard of, because they are so rare. This just may be the case for the North American Shepherd. This is a dog that is very rare and has a very good build to it. The dog has a nice balance of looking solid and having a very high intelligence. As you may have guessed, the North American Shephreds are a working breed of dog. This is a breed of dog that is used to herd animals together. However, there is nothing special about that trait from this dog, because all shepherd dogs are known to do that. One reason why people that have seen this dog love this dog is because of its attractive coat and charming personality. These dogs are very pretty to look at, but they are so much more than that. These dogs have great stamina and can get any job you give them done. Their wonderful agility gives them the power to get jobs done fast, but the correct way.

As we already know, the North American Shepherd is a dog that is a great herding dog. This is a trait that North American Shepherd puppies are born with. So, that is not something that you are really going to have to train the pup you have purchased. However, they do need training in other areas. The good news for you, is the fact that these dogs are very easy to train. This has to do with the fact that they are super intelligent dogs. The North American Shepherd dogs are also very loyal and make great companion dogs. They can work all day or sit with you all day, it's your choice. Either way, the dog likes to get outside and play around a little. This is a dog that loves the snow and can play out there for hours without getting cold. This is a dog that likes to take charge whenever it can. They are a little reserved when meeting people for the first time, but soon after, they become very friendly. If you are showing North American Shephreds, then you need to know that if they show shyness, then that is a fault against you. If they show any viciousness, then they are disqualified. This is because it is so outside their personality to act like that.

These dogs are not too big. They are about 14 inches in height, and most of them do not get over this height. Again, if you are showing these dogs, the dog can not be under 10 inches and can not be over 18 inches. If they are, then they are disqualified. This also goes for the fact if they have a domed head or bulging eyes. They will be kicked out of the show for those reasons. These dogs are very rare, so when judges see them, they want to see a perfect breed. Just owning one of these dogs is not going to get you best in dog shows. You are going to have to work for it just like any other breed. However, if you do not care about entering them into a show, then you have found yourself a great dog friend.

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