Papoo Dog Breed Information and Facts

The Papoo breed is a small, smart and energetic dog. Let's take a look at the key breed information and facts you need to be familiar with when it comes to this pup.
The Papoo is a hybrid dog known as a designer breed, which first appeared in the United States. The goal of the breeders was to produce the beautiful Papillion, but with the lack of shedding and intelligence of a Poodle. As it is a new breed, the American Kennel Club has not recognized it as an official breed.
The Papoo is a smaller breed that takes after its Papillon ancestors. They grow to be no taller than one foot and will weight less than fifteen pounds. 
Grooming Needs
As with all dogs, regular brushing will make for a healthy coat. The Papoo tends to have a fluffy, soft coat that is easy to maintain. Regular washings will help the coat stay clean. If the dog has inherited a Poodle coat, then it will not shed, but will require regular trimmings to keep its length at a manageable level.
The Papoo tends to be very tough as a breed. It will need consistent training to reach its full potential as a family dog, but has the smarts to learn pretty much any task. 
The Poodle and Papillon are both happy, energetic dogs, so it only makes sense that the Papoo is the same. This breed loves to be with its owners being active. 
Training Needs
Socialization is a must with is breed. The Papoo should be exposed to other dogs and pets from an early age. They should also be exposed to children and taught that all humans are its pack leader.
The breed does best with positive reinforcement training that rewards good behavior. The Papoo will respond poorly to punishment for negative behaviors. If a dog is rewarded by its master through petting or verbal approval, it will be motivated to repeat the behavior. 
Consistent training involves repeated motions that will ingrain a behavior in a Papoo. For housebreaking, a dog should be taken out at the same times each day in order to relieve itself. It should also be taken to the same spot to do its business. This repetition will train the dog that that is the appropriate behavior when it feels the urge to relieve itself. 
Due to its incredibly talented ancestor, the Papoo is easily trained to perform anything from basic tasks to highly demanding canine skills. Remember that the more complicated a task for a dog to perform, the longer the time the training will take so be patient. 
Activity Level
The Papoo is a very energetic dog with energetic genetic ancestors. A daily walk is a must in order for the dog’s energy level to be kept at appropriate levels. These walks will satisfy its instinct to walk and keep the dog more fit as well. 
The Papoo can do well in an apartment if its exercise needs are met. If you are unwilling or unable to commit to daily walks, they dog can become a bit unruly and hyper. Don't be misled by their small size. This is a pup that needs exercise. 
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