Pekepoo Breed Information and Facts

The Pekepoo is another breed to pop up fairly recently in the canine world. Let's take a look at the information and facts you need to know about this dog breed before making a decision one whether to add one to your home.
The Pekepoo is one of several popular “designer breeds” new to the canine world. This pup is crossbred from two breeds with desirable traits - the Pekingese and the Poodle with the overall goal of creating a dog with the appearance of the Pekingese but the advantages of the Poodle breed.  
The Pekepoo tends to take more after its Pekingese and Poodle parents in both height and weight. The breed will weigh about ten pounds at most and stand roughly 10 inches tall.
Grooming Needs
The Pekepoo’s grooming needs are be similar to that of its parents. A Poodle’s hair grows like a humans and the Pekepoo is no different. The Pekepoo’s fur will grow until its owner or a groomer trims it. 
Poodles are hypoallergenic, but this cross breed is not. If you have allergy problems, this is very important to take note of. Many people buy this pups thinking their allergies will not be an issue only to discover the opposite is true. 
Poodles were originally bred in Europe to be hunting dogs while the Pekingese makes a good watchdog. The Pekepoo can be expected to have all of these traits. This is a smart, energetic do so make sure this is what you are after.
This breed makes a great watchdog because any unknown sounds will cause it to alert its family to a new presence. There is, of course, a downside to this temperament. The dog is loud…often. 
Training Needs
The Pekepoo is a very smart dog. This translates to a pup that can learn pretty much any type of commands you wish to teach it. As with all dogs, the training should involve positive reinforcements and be consistent. 
Activity Level
This is a small, but energetic dog. It is also brave. This translates to a dog that walked daily and loves to play around with their family. Social interaction is important, so playing with a ball or toy is something that can keep the pup happy all day. 
Health Issues
This breed is fairly new, so health issues are not clearly defined as of yet. However, some versions of the Pekepoo have short snouts. If yours does, heat and stamina can be an issue, so be careful with your pup. 
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