Pomchi Breed Information and Facts

Designer dogs are all the rage these days. The Pomchi is just about the most adorable explosion of fur you will ever see. Let's take a closer look at the information and facts surrounding this breed.
The Pomchi is a designer breed. This means breeders specifically mixed two breeds to produce a new breed with specific characteristics. In this case, the Pomchi is a cross between the Pomeranian and Chihuahua breeds.
The Pomchi weighs between five to twelve pounds and stands six to nine inches tall. Yes, a very small dog.
Grooming Needs
The Pomchi does not require much grooming. A brushing once a week will keep its fur shiny and healthy. Regular bathing will help keep the fur clean as well. 
The Pomchi is generally considered to have an above average intelligence. Despite the small size, it is also considered to be a fairly bold dog. It doesn't suffer from "small dog" disease in relation to being aggressive, but it is best to watch any pups you are considering interact with their litter to ascertain their specific characteristics. 
The Pomchi has a good temperament, but it is also a bit of a guard dog. By this, we mean this pup will bark to alert its owner to any potential issues. For some Pomchis, this can mean a lot of barking. Training can put an end to this problem. 
The Pomchi is only an okay dog for kids. This pup really has more of a temperament appropriate for older adults.
Training Needs
The Pomchi is so cute that owners can often fail to maintain their alpha position with the dog. This can lead to discipline problems. To avoid this, the Pomchi should be socialized with humans and pets as early as possible. Training should then be undertaken to establish basic commands and, frankly, who will wear the pants in the family!
Activity Level
The Pomchi is an energetic breed so it needs exercise. Walks are fine because the dog is naturally curious, so the movement tends to keep the dog physically and mentally satisfied. In some cases, heat can be an issue so keep these dogs cool on really hot days. 
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