Puganese Breed Information and Facts

The Puganese is a fascinating little pup with plenty of regal curiosity. Let's take a closer look at the important Puganese information and facts you need know when evaluating this breed.
The Puganese is a designer dog. As you can likely guess from its name, this pup is a mix of the curious Pug and the regal Pekingese
The Puganese will weigh about ten pounds and reach a height of seven to eleven inches tall.
Grooming Needs
The Puganese can have either a short or long coat depending on the dominant genes it inherits from its parents. If the coat is short, it needs next to no care other than the occasional bath. If the coat is longer, then regular brushing is critical because the Pekingese coat of hair is known to get tangled resulting in rashes.
The Puganese is usually a very happy breed that loves attention. The pup has the inquisitive nature of a pug, but the will of a Pekingese. Putting the two together, you get a brave dog that is going to check out whatever it likes to check out. 
This breed, like so many others, can develop a mindset of being the dominant presence in the household. If this happens, they may start to try to tell their owners where to go and what to do. This will result in aggressive tendencies and lots of barking. 
This can be remedied or better yet, prevented, with strong owners who teach their Puganese that all adults in the household are above it in the dominance of the household. Once the animal realizes this, they will start to calm down and be a much happier dog. 
Training Needs
The high intelligence level of the Puganese allows it to pick up new tasks with ease, but this comes at a price. Owners must keep lessons short and interesting as this pup can become bored quickly. The good news is this makes the training process go pretty quickly. In fact, owners should introduce a new training to the topic each day.
Activity Level
Puganese owners must be careful not to be overactive with their dogs as the short face of the breed makes it dangerous for them to be out in the heat. This breed’s short head slows down the cooling effects of inhalation before air reaches the lungs. In hot weather, this will result in heat exhaustion. 
Overactive Puganese may also have breathing issues, so this should be monitored as well. Owners should exercise and play with their pup regularly, but do so in a safe manner without overdoing it. 
All and all, this is one of the better designer dog breeds available. You don't find a lot of them, but click below to see what we currently have available.  
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