Pugapoo Breed Information

There are a lot of hybrid dogs out there. Most of the hybrid dogs you hear about are mixed with either a poodle or a pug. Well, what do you get when you mix a pug and a poodle together? You get a Pugapoo. This is a very high energy dog that is recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club (a lot of times called ACHC, for short). This may not be a purebred dog, but it is one of the most well known hybrid dogs of it's kind. A lot of people like the Pugapoos, because they do not shed. This has to do a lot with the Poodle that they are mixed with. Since they are not pure breeds, however, a lot of times these dogs can differ in the way they look a lot. 

Now, like most hybrid dogs, the Pugapoo is very likely to end up with traits from both sets of parents. This can be a problem from time to time if you are planning to buy a Pugapoo. That is because you never know what traits from what parents they are going to get. For example, these dogs do not always get the curly low shed hair from the poodle. Sometimes they get the coats of the pug. Although the pugs are low shed, they are not non shed like the poodle. Thus, the Pugapoo has been marked as a low shed dog, although, a lot of them do not shed at all. This dog is very smart, however, and because of that it has a very willful nature. This can make training one very frustrating at times. If you are a less experienced trainer, then you may find that a Pugapoo is not the right dog for you to start off with. You are going to have to have a sense of humor to raise this dog, otherwise, it's mischievous behavior could push your buttons.

To get a Pugapoo, you need to mix the poodle with the pug (like we already know). However, there area few Pugapoos that you can mix together and get the same out come. This makes them ever closer to becoming a real breed. However, until you can just mix Pugapoos with Pugapoos and get the outcome you want, they will remain a mixed breed. The reason why, sometimes, mixing Pugapoos together does not work is because a lot of times you end up with a dog that has a lot of health issues. Of course, the Pugapoo, itself, has a lot of health issues anyway. Such things like liver shunts and hypoglycemia are very common. Most of the health issues that it's going to have are going to be more genetic than anything else. For being a small breed, this dog does not live very long. Normally it lives about 10 to 12 years. They have been known to live longer, and they have been known to die earlier. Most smaller dogs live a longer life than this. In fact, its lifespan is linked more to a larger dog's lifespan. Although, no one knows for sure why since these dogs are bred with two small dogs, which both live long lives.

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