Puggle Breed Information


The hybrid Puggle has a life expectancy of 12 to 14 years.

The Puggle is a designer breed and a mix between the Pug and the Beagle. The Puggle emerged around the 1980s and is credited to a breeder named Wallace Haven from Wisconsin.

The Puggle weighs 15 to 30 pounds and measures 10 to 15 inches.

Grooming Needs
The Puggle has a short, smooth coat that sheds moderately. The Puggle should be brushed once a week and bathed once a month. The Puggle’s wrinkled face also needs to be cleaned regularly, especially after eating. Like all dogs, the Puggle needs basic grooming. Brush their teeth, clean their ears and trim their nails on a regular basis.  

The Puggle is outgoing and energetic.

The Puggle is very social and will be the first to welcome visitors into the home. The Puggle is highly people-oriented and loves making new friends. Thanks to their gentle nature, the Puggle gets along well with everyone including children, other dogs and other pets.

Not surprisingly, the Puggle likes to be as close to their family as possible and take part in all their activities. They bond quickly with their family members and make sweet, affectionate companions. If left alone for too long, Puggles are prone to developing separation anxiety.

Training Needs
The Puggle is intelligent and eager to please, but tends to be stubborn, especially when it comes to housetraining. The Puggle is highly motivated by treats and responds well to this form of positive reinforcement.

Activity Level
The Puggle should have a daily walk and time in the yard or at the dog park to run around and play. The Puggle has a longer snout than the Pug and can withstand warmer temperatures and more activity.  

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