Pyrenean Mastiff Breed Information and Facts

Pyrenean Mastiff is named after the mountain range we've all seen Tour de France riders huffing and puffing up. To learn more pertinent information and facts, let's take a closer look at this big old breed.
The Pyrenean Mastiff is an ancient breed of mountain herding dogs that originated in Spain. As the name suggests, they originated in the Pyrenees, a mountain range running down the border between Spain and France.  
This is a big do. The breed’s average weight is around 180 pounds and it can stand up to 30 inches tall. It is known for its white coat with dark circles. 
Grooming Needs
This is a mountain dog, so it has a thick coat of fur to keep it warm. However, this doesn't mean the dog needs a lot of care. Brushing is advices every so often, but the coat is designed to naturally shed dirt. The coat of hair also keeps the dog cool in the hot months, so it should not be shaved despite what one might think. 
As with many strong dogs of the greater Mastiff lineage, the Pyrenean Mastiff is laid back and watchful. It was bred to protect herds of sheep from predators so being a watchdog comes naturally to it. This protective nature makes the breed ideal for watching over a family of children. The dog is great with kids, but parents should be careful with very small children as the dog might rollover on them.  
This dog is by nature self reliant and very quiet. Like many large dog owners, the owner of a Pyrenean Mastiff must be very calm and firm with their pet. If this pup sense weakness it he owner, discipline can be a problem. Having said this, this pup is generally a low maintenance dog from a temperament perspective. 
Training Needs
Training is a critical aspect of owning this breed. The problem is not the temperament of the dog. The issue is the size. The time to train the dog is when they are relatively small. If you have not taught this dog how to walk properly on the leash while a puppy, it may drag you across a field when it is an adult and becomes entranced by some animal. Don't believe me? Consider the healthy weight goal of a man should be in the 170 pound range. The Pyrenees Mastiff weighs more than this!
Activity Level
The Pyrenean Mastiff should be taken on daily walks. They prefer long walks. The breed can become bored easily, so the walks will also exercise its mind. The Pyrenean Mastiff will do best living with owners who have a fenced in yard that has shade in it.
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