Shepadoodle Breed Information

In case you could not tell by the name, the Shepadoodle is, of course, a hybrid dog. This is not a purebred dog, and it's important to keep that in mind whenever you are buying one. Shepadoodles are kind of a weird mix. They are a German Shepherd mixed with a Poodle. It must be true what they say, you can mix a poodle with just about any kind of dog. However, you should not refer to these dogs as mutts, because they are not. A mutt is a term that you use when you do not know what kind of dogs were used to breed that dog. So pretty much, an unknown lineage. One thing is for sure, the Shepadoodle is a very healthy dog. Of course, a lot of people claim that hybrid dogs are more healthy than purebreds anyway, because you are mixing up their gene pool. A lot of the genetic problems found in German Shepards were gone after mixing them with the poodle.

So, let's take a look at more genetic information. Pretty much, the reason why the Shepadoodle is such a healthy dog is the mix in the gene pool. Let's say that you breed dogs that have the same genetic disorders. Then you are making that genetic defect a dominate defect. Over time, every dog that you breed is going to have this defect. So if you have a certain dog type that you like, and it has a genetic disorder, then you may think about mixing it with a poodle (since that is what everyone mixes dogs with anyway). The Shepadoodle is a dog that is pretty healthy. 

The Shepadoodle is a dog that comes out a more medium size. This is due to the fact that German Shepards are large and the Poodles are small. A lot of people think that it is impossible to breed larger dogs with small dogs. However, this is not so. All dogs are part of the Canidae family, or Canis Lupus. Thus, all dogs can be bred together, and you will get an outcome every time. Of course, all outcomes are always going to rely on humans to fulfill their needs. That is because they are not wild dogs.

The last thing that you need to keep in mind about the Shepadoodle, is the fact that it has the need to migrate. No one knows for sure why this is. Neither the German Shepard or the Poodle has needs to migrate. This has to be a trait that was developed from breeding these two very different breeds together. Thus, it's very important to take this dog on long walks daily. This, for some reason, seems to help it's need to migrate, although you are just walking in a giant cycle. Of course, this dog does not seem to know the difference. Some people say that this is not the smartest breed out there (not by a long shot).

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