Shihton Dog Breed Information and Facts

Designer dog breeds are all the rage these days. In this collection of Shihton breed information and facts, we look at the key information you need to know about the hybrid Shihton dog breed.
The Shihton is derived from crossing the Shih Tzu with the Coton de Tulear. The Shih Tzu comes to use from ancient China where they were bred to be the lapdogs of Chinese royalty. The Coton de Tulear is a small white dog of similar size that was brought to Madagascar centuries ago by French troops. They have recently been introduced back into western culture as a lapdog. As with all designer breeds, the Shihton may not be exactly 50-50 when it comes to a genetic split, so particular puppies may show the characteristics of one breed over another. It is best to discuss a pup’s traits with a breeder before purchasing an animal.
The Shihton will grow to be less than one foot tall and weigh around ten pounds. This is typical of a lapdog style breed.
Grooming Needs
The Shihton will most likely require a professional groomer every few months to help keep its coat clean and healthy. Otherwise, daily brushing will help remove any dead hair and a regular bath will help keep the dog’s fur clean and healthy. The breed is hypoallergenic and will be very good for most allergy sufferers who suffer from dog dander. Owners should be careful to clean around the Shihton’s eyes to help prevent any staining of the fur. 
The breed is a happy dog that is typically good with people and affectionate. They do well with children and other pets, which is sometimes not the case with other lapdog breeds. The Shihton will alert owners to the presence of anything unusual by barking, which is why they are routinely used as watchdogs despite their small size. 
This happy go lucky dog will be very loyal to its family. The breed is known for always wanting to be with its family and it has outstanding intelligence with which it learns many tricks to perform for its family. Nothing will make it happier than being the center of attention in the middle of a crowd of people. Separation anxiety, however, can be an issue. This is not a dog you leave isolated in the backyard. 
Training Needs
Dog owners must learn to be firm and consistent when training this pup. The Shihton is smart and energetic, so it tends to do what it wants. This is a common trait of the pampered Shih Tzu, so early training is key to establishing basic commands and who is boss in the relationship. As with all dogs, training should be based on rewards and positive commentary. Negative training involving yelling or striking should be avoided lest the pup become fearful of you which can result in striking out and poor behavior. 
Activity Level
The Shihton is susceptible to obesity if they overeat, so weight and activity levels need to be monitored closely. This is a dog that needs to play regularly and get out and run. A daily walk is a must and taking the pup to a dog park where it can run with other dogs is a very good idea. 
If you are looking for a quality lapdog, it is hard to argue against the Shihton. This pup has all the attributes one looks for in such a pup, but without some of the domineering attitude found in purebred versions. 
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