Shinese Breed Information and Facts

The Shinese is yet another type of designer dog that has become so popular the last decade or so. Let's focus in on the information and facts you need to know when deciding whether to pick up a Shinese.
Crossbred Origin
The Shinese is not a purebred or ancient breed. This is not a dog with a back story originating in the Scottish Highlands or what have you. Instead, the Shinese was purposely created as a breed by mixing a Shi Tzu with the Pekingese breed. The decision to mix these two breeds has often been viewed as a bit odd since both the genetic parents share many traits as they were both lapdogs in China. 
The Shinese grows to weigh around 14 pounds, which makes it a bit larger than most people expect. The average pup will be just under a foot tall.
Grooming Needs
The Shinese’ long coat of fur will need daily grooming to remove any tangles. The breed’s face and eyes should also be checked daily for anything that might irritate the dog’s skin. Professional grooming every few months is also in order because of its thick coat of fur. This breed will shed an average amount compared to other lapdogs.
The Shinese make great companions for all ages and are loyal to their owners. They are very lively and make great watchdogs in the sense they will bark at strangers. The dog does, however, have an independent streak – a characteristic some owners prefer.
Like most small dogs, the Shinese has domination issues. Specifically, will you or this dog be the dominant member of your pack? If you let the Shinese run wild, you can end up with a wild dog that doesn't listen to commands and is very unruly. If the dog receives proper training, however, it can be a great friend. 
Training Needs
As with all dogs, the Shinese needs a bit of basic training. This is an energetic dog, so it is important to set down a basic foundation of discipline to keep the energy focused in the correct direction. This pup has average intelligence, so training isn't particularly different. The key is to be positive and consistent. Stick with it and this pup should quickly learn the commands it needs to know as well as proper conduct.
Activity Level
All dogs should be taken on daily walks to exercise and reduce excess energy. The Shinese is no different. Be careful not to over exert a Shinese in hot weather as the breed does not take well to extreme temperatures. The breed does well living in an apartment as it does maintain a low energy level while inside.  Having a yard that is fenced in will be a plus as the Shinese loves to play outdoors. 
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