Silky Poo Breed Information and Facts

The Silky Poo has a rather interesting name, but also one that is very descriptive of this pup. Let's take a closer look at the key information and facts surrounding this breed. 
The Silky Poo is an artificially created breed. Breeders worked to mix a standard Poodle with the Silky Terrier breed. This created a unique breed that is smart, sheds little and yet is a quality lapdog. 
The Silky Poo stands around fourteen inches tall and 12 to 16 pounds. This makes it one of the bigger designer dogs you will find in the canine world.
Grooming Needs
Owing to its Poodle heritage, most Silky Poos have fur that grows like human hair. They tend to have little dandruff and are therefore hypoallergenic. Having said this, the ultimate grooming needs are largely dependant on the genes of which genetic parent win out in the game of reproduction. Having said this, Silky Poos are generally considered to be a fairly low maintenance breed from a grooming perspective. 
This breed is known for being a bit divided in its character and temperament. These pups are known to be very energetic and curious during the day much like a Poodle. During the evening, however, they are thought to calm down and act more as a traditional lapdog with their owners. The exact attitude of the pup really depends on the specific litter, so make sure to consult with the breeder to know what to expect for a specific puppy.
Training Needs
The Silky Poo is more difficult to train then other dogs. Although smart as a, well, Poodle, the dog is also known for being fairly stubborn. The dog can be trained, but you need to stick with it, be consistent with your commands and be positive. Treat training is known to be very effective with this breed.
Activity Level
The Silky Poo is an active breed that loves to run and play during the day. Unlike other lapdogs, you need to take this pup out on a walk and let them play around with other pups in dog parks and such. If you do not, the pent up energy can turn into destructive behavior particularly when the dog is bored. 
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